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By Alan Ng | March 16, 2021

SXSW FILM FESTIVAL 2021 REVIEW! In the olden days of decency in films, stories of illicit love affairs were presented through innuendo and double entendre. But this is 2020, get to it and get it on. Also, being 2020, please incorporate responsible social distancing. Thus the story of a covert flirtation between lovers in Morgan Krantz’s short film, Squeegee.

Squeegee opens with a corporate executive desperately needing to cancel an important business meeting for highly personal reasons. In Lori’s (Amy Rutherford) case, the reason is a “chance” sexual encounter with the window washer (Blair McKenzie) of her high-rise building. Just before he arrives, Lori readies herself, seductively adjusting her clothing and wiping the smudges off her window.

“…a ‘chance’ sexual encounter with the window washer…”

When the window washer arrives, subtle flirtation turns into blatant flirtation, and the fun begins… ten stories above the ground and separated by a plate-glass window. It’s a hilarious example of how to have a quickie and practice social distancing simultaneously. The act is choreographed beautifully and ends with an ingenious money shot.

Squeegee is simply brilliant and leaves nothing to the imagination. It intentionally straddles the line of believability and WTF. Every element of this encounter is cleverly thought out from foreplay to the final release and ends with the perfect button. Relax, enjoy, and smoke ’em if you got ’em.

Squeegee screened at the 2020 Hollyshorts Film Festival and the 2021 SXSW Film Festival.

Squeegee (2020 )

Directed and Written: Morgan Krantz

Starring: Amy Rutherford, Blair McKenzie, etc.

Movie score: 8.5/10

Squeegee Image

"…intentionally straddles the line of believability and WTF."

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