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Camo vs. Genevieve

By Bobby LePire | April 25, 2021

Multi-hyphenate Nicholas Michael Jacobs has had five films reviewed by us at Film Threat: Night, Urban Fears, Tales From Six Feet Under, Genevieve, and Two Twisted Tales. While not all of the reviews have been positive, it is clear that the director/writer/editor/producer/composer/director of photography/actor/visual effects artist has been learning and improving with each title he helms. Case in point, Camo vs. Genevieve, a relatively effective 3-minute short.

The horror film starts with a slasher, Camo (Nicholas Michael Jacobs), breaking into a house. This particular home, though, is where the killer doll Genevieve lives, who is currently murdering the owner of the house, Ted Morris. Inevitably, the two battle to the death. No matter who wins, more lives will be lost.

“…a slasher, Camo…[and] the killer doll Genevieve…battle to the death.”

While I have not seen every film Jacobs has directed, I feel confident in stating that Camo vs. Genevieve boasts the best sound design and editing of any of his films to date. The filmmaker creates a lot of tension out of the creaking of a door, while the music, which he composed, suitably adds a sense of dread.

Jacobs also effectively establishes the two killers without any real dialogue. One look and horror buffs will understand the archetypes being played with here and enjoy the way Jacobs fuses the two subgenres. Most importantly of all, the battle is gruesome and fun. The puppet of Genevieve moves a little stiffly, but for the most part, believably alive and interacts with Camo in a way that sells the action.

Camo vs. Genevieve might be slight, but it is enjoyable and creepy. I hope Nicholas Michael Jacobs continues making films, as he is learning, getting better, and shows genuine talent. Here’s to his next project.

Camo vs. Genevieve (2021)

Directed and Written: Nicholas Michael Jacobs

Starring: Nicholas Michael Jacobs, etc.

Movie score: 8.5/10

Camo vs. Genevieve Image

"…creates a lot of tension out of the creaking of a door..."

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