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Breaking Fast

By Bobby LePire | March 29, 2020

The drama is served equally as well. When Mo is directly asked about how he can be a practicing, faith-having, gay Muslim, his answer is intelligent and reasonably well thought out. When Mo learns of a major revelation about his ex Hassan (Patrick Sabongui), the way he processes it is as realistic as possible.

But a romance really only works if the main couple does. Mo and Kal are one of the strongest romantic couples since The Adjustment Bureau hit theaters. When Mo asks Kal if he did, in fact, just invite himself over, Kal confirms, adding, “If only to make sure you don’t choke on stems.” It is cute. It’s sweet. It instantly makes these two a couple worth investing in.

“…as near a perfect film as one can ask for.”

Beyond even the fantastic screenplay is the acting. Cassidy makes a Kal, a sweet, soulful, patient person. When he’s describing memories of living in Jordan, the happy nostalgia that runs across his face is palpable. Sleiman makes Mo’s stubbornness into an almost fun quirk. That means when the real world finally tells him to wake up, it is all the more impactful.

Breaking Fast is as near a perfect film as one can ask for. The writing is excellent, and the directing is subtle, wringing out the ideal combination of drama and comedy. It is the astounding cast that takes those wonderful building blocks and carries the movie from good to great. Sleiman and Cassidy are perfectly matched together and make for an endearing couple.

Breaking Fast (2020)

Directed and Written: Mike Mosallam

Starring: Haaz Sleiman, Mike Cassidy, Amin El Gamal, Christopher J. Hanke, Patrick Sabongui, etc.

Movie score: 10/10

Breaking Fast Image

"…one of the strongest romantic couples since The Adjustment Bureau..."

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