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Breaking Fast

By Bobby LePire | March 29, 2020

Ramadan is a month-long period practiced by Muslims. From sun up to sundown, they fast. Then, once the sun sets, they partake in a great feast called iftar. The month of Ramadan is used as the backdrop of the romantic comedy Breaking Fast, written and directed by Mike Mosallam. 

Mo (Haaz Sleiman) is a successful doctor in West Hollywood, who is still reeling from a painful breakup one year ago. At his best friend, Sam’s (Amin El Gamal), birthday party, he meets Kal (Mike Cassidy). He and Kal have instant chemistry and go for a stroll later that night. Running into some friends, Kal is invited to a club. He makes a quick appearance, but when he leaves, Mo has left, believing his newfound friend has bailed.

“Can a practicing, gay Muslim in the US of A ever find true happiness?”

By random happenstance, the two run into each other at a grocery store shortly afterward. Mo is buying food to prepare for his iftar that night. Kal, who grew up in Jordan when his dad was stationed there, invites himself over to eat with Mo. Now, as the days of Ramadan tick by, Mo and Kal are spending every night eating together. Their bond grows closer, yet due to Mo’s past, and his own stubborn worldview, he is reluctant to let Kal in. Can a practicing, gay Muslim in the US of A ever find true happiness?

With Breaking Fast, Mosallam has created a beautiful, tender, and heartfelt movie. A wrong turn is never taken by either him nor his extremely well-written characters. After meeting Kal at the party, mind you, Sam turns to Kal and comments on his looks. Kal busts into Arabic, and Sam looks mortified. It is hysterical. While Sam and Kal workout at some group yoga type place, they gossip about their lives and their friends. Their constant, loud jabbering drives the other people there bonkers. It too is hilarious.

Breaking Fast (2020)

Directed and Written: Mike Mosallam

Starring: Haaz Sleiman, Mike Cassidy, Amin El Gamal, Christopher J. Hanke, Patrick Sabongui, etc.

Movie score: 10/10

Breaking Fast Image

"…one of the strongest romantic couples since The Adjustment Bureau..."

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