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Big Dick Energy

By Michael Talbot-Haynes | October 27, 2022

The experimental feature-length video Big Dick Energy is the fourth installment of the WeirdLoop series by writer/director/performer Alexander Cooper. Vladimir (Cooper) is an ex-KGB Russian agent investigating that elusive personality quality called Big Dick Energy, defined as being confident but not cocky. He interviews many people online in this search, including celebrity impersonators and pretty women. It is confirmed BMWs give off Small Dick Energy and speculation that one day BMW would design a car that is nothing but a giant grill.

There are many distasteful acts discussed, such as a Bulgarian Tickle, where a wingless fly crawls around the head of a partially submerged penis in the bath. There is also a cannabis ingestion method where one person takes a hit of pot and blows it into the head of another person’s penis. The engorged-with-smoke penis is then laid flat and then smashed with a fist in order to squirt the smoke back out the hole and into the lungs. Will Vladimir gain crucial insight into the physics of Big Dick Energy, or is this another weird loop that is occurring to drain one’s time?

First of all, imagine my surprise when my editor asked me to review something called Big Dick Energy, only at Film Threat. Then, imagine that surprise doubling when I discovered this was the new WeirdLoop sequel. Starting in 2018, Cooper’s long-running saga seems to be at the devil’s crossroads. There is a distinct impression that with this fourth installment, the filmmaker is being seduced by the allure of a more commercial direction. He takes his first tent pole step with the opening credits, done in the style of Star Wars.

“…an ex-KGB Russian agent investigating that elusive personality quality called Big Dick Energy…”

The opening title sequence segues into a nice lady who takes off her sweater to show her big shiny bra. Then an even nicer nude lady boxer does a lot of body-positive feedback. By the time the bad celebrity impersonations start, you realize this is pandering to the widest appeal possible with the common denominator below sea level. What a turn of events for one of the most provocative franchises currently in the experimental sector. It is almost as if the filmmaker is not satisfied with the niche he had carved out in the realm of insight through fake accents and is trying to sell out. This is reinforced by the closing credit image of a lady with enough cleavage for conceptual artist Cristo to cover a coastline with. 

However, in the end, Big Dick Energy stays true to its experimental roots by being fun to watch while stoned. Cooper gets high and makes these movies, then I get high and review them. We are part of the same cannabinoid cinema ecosystem. Also, the director releases these titles free for the world to see, so he still sets his own rules. Improvements in the sequel include a brisker pace that runs a full 30 minutes less than the original. One must be able to accept growth in an artist’s development.

How many people try to sell out with a title like Big Dick Energy? True to the WeirdLoop method, Cooper is still able to find funny gold in the cold grey hills of reality, in this case, online meetings probably filmed during the plague. The hilarious closing credits help pad the running time, a method we saw earlier this year in the sublime credit roll for Sewer Gators. It may be cheeky, but this is still some of the most amusing experimental filmmaking out there right now.

Big Dick Energy (2022)

Directed and Written: Alexander Cooper

Starring: Alexander Cooper, Monica Mista, Bree Olsen, Jonah Falson, Stuart Arnold, Amanda Hall, Helena Hayer, etc.

Movie score: 6.5/10

Big Dick Energy Image

"…some of the most amusing experimental filmmaking out there right now."

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  1. Alexander Cooper says:

    As surprising as it may seem, I wasn’t actually high while making this movie(!). Also, this particular movie isn’t available on Freeview – or shouldn’t be) Vimeo is the best place to support my efforts in independent film. You can buy the movie here. Thanks for another nice review, Michael. Best regards!

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