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Creating Rem Lezar

By Michael Talbot-Haynes | October 20, 2022

The stupefying Creating Rem Lezar, written and directed by Scott Zakarin, is the 1989 WTF video that literally dares you to go as high as your imagination can. Zack (Jonathan Goch) is throwing his elementary school career down the toilet with his degenerate daydreaming habit. He is fixated on a make-believe superhero, the caped Rem Lezar (Jack Mulcahy), who sports a bright blue mullet. As a result, Zack fights with teachers and has no friends.

“…Rem will only live for one day without the trademark quixotic medallion.”

Meanwhile, little acid-wash jean jacket, wearing Ashlee (Courtney Kernaghan) is getting screamed at by her mom (Kathleen Gati) and is made to sleep in the dark. To fight her fears, she imagines good old Rem Lezar standing in her bedroom singing to her. The next day, in grade school art class, Ashlee discovers Zack is balls deep in this Rem Lezar s**t like she is. They both run away together and build a life-sized Rem Lezar doll in a shed. With the power of their imagination, they bring the blue wigged mannequin to life, unleashing Rem Lezar onto the tri-state area.

Also unleashed from their heads is the evil Vorock (Scott Zakarin), a giant distorted floating face in the sky. Vorock cackles at the group that Rem will only live for one day without the trademark quixotic medallion. Vorock hints that the missing medallion is hidden in the highest place their mind can go. This advice sends Rem and the kids on a quest through that wonderful land of figments and fantasy: New York City. Will they sing songs and have fun, or will everyone die horribly?

Creating Rem Lezar (1989)

Directed and Written: Scott Zakarin

Starring: Jack Mulcahy, Jonathan Goch, Courtney Kernaghan, Scott Zakarin, Kathleen Gati, etc.

Movie score: 8.5/10

Creating Rem Lezar Image

"…the Moebius strip infinity concept is trippy for all ages."

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  1. Creating Rem Lezar | Film Threat – hollywood questions to ask says:

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  2. Jack Mulcahy says:

    I love this review. Especially for the fact that I am the actor/singer who played Rem Lezar., so thank you! To be truthful, we had no idea that this kid’s movie, more suited for after-school specials than anything, would catch on. Again. If folks watch the featurette we added they’ll be able to do a deeper dive. Surprising, though, that no mention of the music or the singing was made since they are the primary reason that CRL has resonated so deeply with folks. And, yes, children of this millennium are enjoying it just as well. And lastly: “Möbius Strip” was a stroke of genius. Neil Tyson would be impressed.

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