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Beautiful Dreamer

By Alan Ng | August 29, 2020

Finally, let’s add Margaret’s mother, Rita (Wendie Malick), to the mix. Rita is always disappointed and a highly-effective passive-aggressive. Rita gave Margaret money to remodel their kitchen, but it went to pay for Crystal surrogacy fees. And Rita is coming in for a surprise visit.

The joy of Beautiful Dreamer is its story and performances. It first felt like a Lifetime drama. I thought from the beginning that the story was lightweight and predictable. Then it wasn’t. Instead, the story grabs you because it takes you in different and unexpected directions, decidedly driven by its characters’ arcs.

“The joy of Beautiful Dreamer is its story and performances.”

Individual characters here are clearly defined. They have their own personalities, quirks, and viewpoints on life. Character development is something that is consistently lacking in standard indie dramas. While the tone of the film is like a stage play, the characters are all so real in the way they act and speak. In fact, they deal with conflict like ordinary people: avoid it as long as possible in hopes it will just blow over… but it doesn’t.

Honestly, if it weren’t for these characters and performances, Beautiful Dreamer would have been a lackluster story. Instead, it relies on its individual performances to not only bring it to life but then to service the plot. I should point out that although Wendie Malick plays the typical disapproving mother, she’s just so brilliant at it. Her arrival in the story comes at the right time, gives a burst of energy that carries the film to the finish line.

Beautiful Dreamer is a joyful, heartfelt drama about family, parenting, and friendships, that shines because of its down-to-earth characters breathing life into a light drama.

Beautiful Dreamer screened at the 2020 Method Fest.

Beautiful Dreamer (2020)

Directed: Amy Glazer

Written: Patricia Cotter

Starring: Louis Ozawa, Erin Daniels, Jenifer Mudge, Kathryn Smith-McGlynn, Tate Moore, Wendie Malick, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

Beautiful Dreamer Image

"…although Wendie Malick plays the typical disapproving mother, she's just so brilliant at it."

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  1. Damada says:

    Hello friends, I live in Chile and I have followed Erin Daniels for many years. I know how wonderful an actress she is and her immense acting quality to play various roles. She has that capacity that very few have. Her versatility, charisma, angel and aura of her own is what makes her so valuable. I love how he gestures and how he represents each scene. It is unique. I hope that the distributors manage to get it to Chile. This is the cinema that I like, away from the “Hollywood illusion”, and close to the reality in which we live. If you add to all that the ability to do comedy, Daniels is one of the best today. I can’t wait any longer to see her

  2. Angela Bruhn says:

    I can’t wait to see this film

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