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Another Christmas

By Andrew Stover | November 1, 2022

Stacie Davis, who wrote the screenplay for Peggy Williams’ Christmas in Carolina, makes her directorial debut with Another Christmas, a romantic comedy about misunderstandings and second chances.

Married couple Camilla (KeVann D. Jarman) and Maison (Cristofher Griffin) are preparing to welcome friends and family into their home for their annual Christmas gathering. Their children, Andrew (Malik Brazile) and Crystal (Kimberly Meyon) are expected, as well as Kelly (Sheena Faust), Kelly’s friend Tyler (Jimmy Willis III), Camilla’s cousin Ahmad (Ryan Toby), Crystal’s husband Chris (Steven C. Rhodes), and Crystal’s friend Monica (Tashawnie Hunter). But what is a get-together without a bit of dysfunction and awkwardness?

Another Christmas centers on Kelly, an elementary school teacher in Myrtle Beach who gave up on love after a bad breakup with Andrew, a professional baseball player. Suffice it to say, she hasn’t gotten over it, and neither has he. In fact, Andrew recently texted Kelly out of the blue, asking to meet up. She is reluctant to see him again, so Kelly contemplates whether she should go to the gathering. Meanwhile, Camilla suspects Maison wants a divorce, while Crystal wants a baby more than anything.

“…Andrew recently texted Kelly out of the blue, asking to meet up. She is reluctant to see him again...”

Davis begins by depicting Myrtle Beach in all of its sun-drenched, seaside beauty, yielding establishing shots of the popular Sky Wheel and the surrounding boardwalk. The following fifteen minutes jump from character to character in a rather frenetic manner. Because of this approach, the film is initially structured as this immense, messy relationship drama. But, at the same time, you get a substantial understanding of these people and their lively personalities and friendships.

In one of the more sensible decisions, Another Christmas does not treat Andrew’s pursuit to win Kelly back as an easily achievable venture. Kelly still has hurt feelings about the past, and you can’t really blame her. There are several subplots, one of which involves a potential divorce, but the resolutions are somewhat cursory and predictable. Even so, that doesn’t mean the relationship dynamics aren’t effective in their simplicity and lightheartedness. While the cuts between perspectives aren’t always pristine, the actors interact playfully with each other, elevating Davis and co-writer Tamarah Francis’s dialogue with their whip-fast delivery. That said, in moments of melodrama, the scenes fall short or are abruptly cut off.

The filmmaker sprinkles in montages and flashbacks to provide narrative momentum and some context behind Kelly’s hesitance to reconnect with Andrew. In addition, she directs the film and its actors with compassion in mind, never once minimizing the anxieties of the characters or fashioning any single person as unforgivable, all to support the idea that second chances are possible. With an upbeat soundtrack, kinetic camerawork, and bubbly performances, Another Christmas is an innocuous, feel-good romantic comedy that serves up an exuberant celebration of family, friendship, and love.

For more information about Another Christmas, visit the Legacy Distribution website.

Another Christmas (2022)

Directed: Stacie Davis

Written: Stacie Davis, Tamarah Francis

Starring: Sheena Faust, Malik Brazile, KeVann D. Jarman, Cristofher Griffin, Kimberly Meyon, Tashawnie Hunter, Steven C. Rhodes, Jimmy Willis III, Ryan Toby, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

Another Christmas  Image

"…innocuous, feel-good romantic comedy..."

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