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Anna 2

By Josiah Teal | July 28, 2020

The performances vary scene by scene; in dialogue-heavy moments, like explaining the backstory or discussing the supernatural, the jokes and arguing come across as childish and, at times, inauthentic. However, during the scenes when the spirits of the park begin to separate and pick off the characters, the cast truly sells the dread they are facing. Duncan exceptionally conveys his panic as he is shrink-wrapped to a chair and instructed in how the park will consume each of them. Despite the execution of the moments in-between action, what the actors endured for these scenes alone is impressive and, at times, nauseating to imagine.

“…the make-up and special effects, by the director himself, are extremely impressive.”

Anna 2 is something I would circumstantially recommend, especially if you are a fan of DIY horror make-up and Universal Studio’s Horror NightsThe film’s devotion to make-up proves entertaining enough for genre devotees. However, for the average indie film buff or even avid filmgoer, this may not be for you. The film amps up its strengths during the park section, but it’s often at the sacrifice of the rest of the film.

The conclusion comes very abruptly, and explanations behind many of the characters’ actions require the viewer to suspend a lot of belief. While that suspension is necessary for viewing a supernatural horror film, it asks too much of the audience when concerning character motivations. The concept of Anna 2 is intriguing and can serve as great inspiration for cosplay, but most movie fans probably want more from the overall story.

Anna 2 (2019)

Directed: Michael Crum

Written: Gerald Grum

Starring: Justin Duncan, Gerald Crum, Mercedes Peterson, John Charles Dickson, Daniel Frank, Kenzie Pallone, Shanon Snedden, etc.

Movie score: 6/10

Anna 2  Image

"…the film's devotion to make-up proves entertaining enough"

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