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By Alan Ng | September 16, 2022

In writer-director Kayvon Derak Shanian and co-writer Sam Chouia’s short film, Abuelo, an immigrant grandfather, Alejandro (Pepe Serna), is tasked with raising his 16-year-old granddaughter Camila (Izabella Alvarez) after the death of her parents.

Their passing stings for Alejandro and Camila, but the bond of family remains strong, and the elderly Abuelo (grandfather) is determined to be the parent Camila needs. So when she comes home after being assaulted at school, Alejandro steps up, seeking justice for his granddaughter.

“…Alejandro steps up, seeking justice for his granddaughter.”

Running at a highly efficient eleven minutes, Abuelo tells a sweet story about family with a slightly dark and twisted ending that will stay with you for a while. The short succeeds because of how director Shanian orchestrates the story’s emotional tone from start to finish. Nothing more sympathetic than an Abuelo who would do anything for his family and then build upon that sympathy only to push Alejandro’s dedication to Camila to the extreme.

Strong storytelling from Shanian and great performances from the cast make Abuelo a must-see.

Abuelo (2022)

Directed: Kayvon Derak Shanian

Written: Sam Chouia, Kayvon Derak Shanian

Starring: Pepe Serna, Izabella Alvarez, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

Abuelo Image

"…a sweet story about family with a slightly dark and twisted ending..."

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