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The Code of Family

By Alan Ng | June 7, 2022

For parents, time flies before you know it. For grandparents, time is sacred. In Kayla Sun’s short film, The Code of Family, an Asian grandmother fulfills the final wish of her late husband.

While Grandma (Ling Zhi) laments the recent passing of her husband, her daughter (Eon Song), son-in-law (Harley Haibin Li), and granddaughter (Briana Liu) now take responsibility for caring for her. Going through Grandpa’s belongings, Grandma discovers that he had been secretly learning a programming language — Java, to be specific.

“The theories behind Java come pretty easily to Grandma…”

Believing that Grandma is too old and feeble to learn such things as smartphones and computers, her family pushes her off to a “dark corner” of the home as they move on with their lives. While being ignored, Grandma takes his opportunity of anonymity to sneak off to night school to learn Java and fulfill her husband’s last wish. The theories behind Java come pretty easily to Grandma, and she progresses quickly in class. However, trouble strikes when Grandma covertly meddles with Luci’s college programming assignment, disrupting the family dynamic.

The Code of Family is about finding meaning and purpose at any stage of life. If I didn’t personally have a mother who could whip my a*s in building a computer network, assembling a PC, and programming, I might think Grandma’s story is an implausible one. However, Ling Zhi brings warmth and charm to her portrayal of Grandma and reminds everyone watching that each family member is integral to its success.

The Code of Familiy (2022)

Directed and Written: Kayla Sun

Starring: Ling Zhi, Briana Liu, Eon Song, Andy Sun, Harley Haibin Li, Austin Tan, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

The Code of Familiy Image

"…Zhi brings warmth and charm to her portrayal of Grandma..."

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