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360 Seconds

By Alan Ng | February 16, 2021

She only needs 360 seconds to clean-up and prepare herself for the next job in Bex Bradshaw’s 360 Seconds. Sydney Sainté plays the Ladykiller, and we are catching this unknown assassin in between jobs. The short film opens in the bathroom of a punk bar where the Ladykiller is cleaning herself up after a fresh kill.

360 Seconds presents that brief moment of peace Ladykiller has between violent jobs. The present task is simple—dispose of her blood-soaked outfit and change into a clean new one, then onto the next hit. Some obstacles slow her down, like an angry patron needing to take a wee and the unstocked paper towel dispenser and toilet paper rolls.

“…that brief moment of peace Ladykiller has between violent jobs.”

360 Seconds does what all short films about accomplishing some tasks should do. Writer/director Bex Bradshaw’s story is not about the actual job at hand. It’s about the protagonist revealing aspects of her life and psyche as a veteran assassin. In just her performance alone, Sydney Sainté exposes so much about the stone-cold sexy killer along with shining a little light into Ladykiller’s personal demons and identity struggles. She makes the most with what little dialogue she has, and I’d argue that she could have said even more with fewer lines.

360 Seconds is a visually striking thriller that doesn’t need action or violence to bring the thrills.

Watch 360 Seconds at filmmaker Bex Bradshaw’s official website

360 Seconds (2021)

Directed and Written: Bex Bradshaw

Starring: Sydney Sainté, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

360 Seconds Image

"…visually striking thriller that doesn't need action or violence to bring the thrills."

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