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Same Boat

By Bobby LePire | May 24, 2020

Same Boat utilizes its limited budget in the most resourceful of ways – by having a highly original concept and employing a plot that makes its (mostly) single location set, the boat, work in a clever way. In the future, time travel becomes possible, and specially trained people are assigned as assassins. They go back in time and kill people deemed bad for humanity, such as the inventors of reality television.

“…assassins…go back in time and kill people deemed bad for humanity…James takes the extra time to…know his target and…falls in love…”

James (co-writer/ director Chris Roberti) and his partner in training, Mot’s (Julia Schonberg), latest assignment is in 2019, aboard a cruise ship. The two are searching for Lily (Tonya Glanz), who has just broken up with her boyfriend Rob (Evan Kaufman). James happens to meet Lily his first night there, and the two hit it off. As Mot is in her room sick, James takes the extra time to really get to know his target and, in doing so, falls in love with her. He also befriends the heartbroken Rob, though he is unaware that the recent ex Rob is always going on about is Lily. Will James pull the trigger when the time comes? Does love save the day?

Surprisingly, this mash-up of Timecop and Safety Not Guaranteed works thanks to its likable characters and off-kilter sense of humor. Though, that also leads to the movie’s issue; yes, a single issue. Same Boat is not concerned with the forward momentum of its plot, so much as it wants to focus on its witty banter and goofy observations. For some viewers, that will be a turnoff, as the dramatic comedy-romance meanders towards its rather somber yet heartwarming conclusion.

Same Boat (2020)

Directed: Chris Roberti

Written: Chris Roberti, Josh Itzkowitz

Starring: Chris Roberti, Tonya Glanz, Evan Kaufman, Julia Schonberg, etc.

Movie score: 9/10

Same Boat Image

"…mash-up of Timecop and Safety Not Guaranteed..."

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