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Wild Watch Party for the Comedy Donny’s Bar Mitzvah

By Film Threat Staff | April 16, 2021

Come to a very special watch party for the outrageous film Donny’s Bar Mitzvah. This raunchy comedy follows a videographer who captures the crazy antics of friends, family and guests at a Jewish teen’s wild bar mitzvah. Consider yourself warned, this comedy is way over the top and like nothing Hollywood would make today.

Donny’s Bar Mitzvah is a throwback to the type of great comedy they used to make in the 80s. Film Threat writer Alan Ng gave Donny’s Bar Mitzvah a stellar review and said, “ Donny’s Bar Mitzvah has a Zucker brothers’ Airplane! sensibility to it. The film is one crass joke after the other. It’s offensive, childish, incredibly low-brow, and I loved it more than you can ever imagine. The non-stop barrage of gross groaners come fast and furiously.”

Alan Ng continues to heap on the praise and goes on to say, “I have to give high praise to writer/director Jonathan Kaufman. Please make more movies! Donny’s Bar Mitzvah just works from start to finish. I’ve seen many indie comedies crash and burn, but Kaufman has found the secret sauce. It’s not just the silly, inane jokes, but the fast-paced editing and the way he breaks up each story is sheer brilliance. This is why I love comedies and why I’m so hard on comedies in general. A warning about handing me your indie comedies: if you want a good review, make me laugh. By that measure, Donny’s Bar Mitzvah gets a great review.”

WATCH WITH US LIVE! Our Film Threat Watch Parties are a “Second Screen Experience.” So put the film on your TV and watch our running commentary on your computer, tablet, iPad, or mobile device. And please comment and ask questions during the watch party. The cast and filmmakers will respond live.

Join writer/director Jonathan Kaufman and members of the cast and be a part of the conversation and watch Donny’s Bar Mitzvah with us live at 5 PM Pacific Time on Friday, April 23rd on TwitchYouTubePeriscope via Twitter or on Facebook Live.And if you miss the Watch Party live, you can still catch it on YouTube.

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