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 Top 3 Films About Chemists

By Film Threat Staff | March 24, 2021

Films about chemists are not that common. Yet, they are very interesting to watch, especially for those who have a vague idea of what chemists do on a daily basis. What is more, it’s a great way to spend free time for all those students majoring in chemistry. Of course, chemistry is an important subject and needs some time for preparing tasks. Also, it is easier to learn it from films and nowadays we have some sources that make study easier, just find “hire someone to write my dissertation“. If they want to take a break or have already found reliable chemistry online help to do my chemistry homework, it’s a perfect way to spend the evening. So, here are the top three films about chemists which will be interesting to watch both for those who are interested in the subject, as well as for those who are just looking for a fun way to spend their evening.

Love Potion No. 9

Love Potion No. 9 is an American romantic comedy film starring Sandra Bullock and Tate Donovan. Paul Matthews is one of the main characters who works as a biochemist. He has a crush on his unavailable coworker Diane Farrow. After being taken to a gypsy, he is given a small amount of love potion. However, Donovan questions the effectiveness of this method. Being a scientist, he obviously has a lot of doubts, so he throws it away. Even though you won’t see any serious science in this movie and won’t be able to learn more about a chemist job, it’s still a funny and silly film if you are looking for an opportunity to unwind and take your mind off things. In case you are a student who is currently unable to focus on the assignment and are looking for an expert who can help you do my chemistry homework, this movie will serve as a great distraction for you. Besides, you can always ask your classmates or your professor for help with chemistry hw. Meanwhile, it’s time to take a break and watch something entertaining. 

Real Genius

This is a sci-fi comedy about a science whiz kid who develops a chemical laser. The main character is not a chemist or a scientist yet. He’s a genius in his senior year who is focused on the project of developing this chemical laser who got the assignment from his professor, Jerry Hathaway. Together with a group of other students at Pacific Technical University, they get down to it. What is particularly interesting about this movie is that back in 2009 there was a MythBusters episode about the final scene in the movie to see whether it is scientifically accurate. As it turns out, it’s not. Even though the movie is not about any of the famous chemists, it is still rather entertaining to watch. You won’t learn anything new from it in case you need help with chemistry and are looking for unconventional sources of information. However, you can always rely on chemistry online homework services who can do my chemistry homework and spend your free time watching this movie. 

The Andromeda Strain


The Andromeda Strain is an American science fiction thriller film released in 1971. The film is based on the novel of the same name, and the plot is centered around a team of scientists who are trying to investigate a deadly organism. The latter is of extraterrestrial origin. These events unfold in the American Southwest. What is important to mention about this film is that it is among those rare movies in which the majority of science-related events and facts are actually true. In other words, there is a lot more science to this film than you think. That is one of the reasons why it may potentially be more fascinating to watch for all current and future scientists, as they won’t be rolling their eyes every single time something science-related happens on screen. As it turns out, scientifically accurate films are not that common. Luckily, The Andromeda Strain is one of them. 

If you are a chemistry student and have already found somebody who can offer you chemistry online homework assistance, but are still willing to watch something related to the field you are interested in, this film will be a perfect choice for you. In case you are not certain, simply take a look at a few reviews or ask if any of your classmates have seen it. There is a very high chance that you will enjoy watching it. 

All in all, films mentioned above will be interesting to watch not only for those whose daily job has to do with the field of chemistry. Besides, most of them don’t have much to do with actual science. Yet, they are rather entertaining which means that choosing one of them as an option for a watch party with friends or family will prove to be a great way to spend free time. Perhaps, some of them will become more interested in the world of chemistry after watching these films or even decide to become a chemist. 

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