Troma Thanks Fans Upon Return From YouTube Purgatory Image

Troma Thanks Fans Upon Return From YouTube Purgatory

By Film Threat Staff | September 15, 2020

In late August, popular video platform YouTube removed Troma Entertainment due to a breach of the platform’s “Community Standards” policy. With one press of the button, Troma’s library of 300 films was no longer available to its 750,000 YouTube subscribers. It wasn’t a matter of merely removing the offending material. Troma describes YouTube’s so-called decency standards as “ever-changing and nonspecific.”

It wasn’t just Troma-branded films that were removed, but the channel housed fan films, shorts, music videos, instructional videos, masterclasses, and promotional materials—most of which were made for and by fans. In response, Troma Entertainment’s content was made available to fans completely free on the new Troma Movies Channel and also at Troma NOW!

YouTube caved, and Troma is back.”

YouTube caved, and Troma is back. Lloyd Kaufman, Troma President and creator of The Toxic Avenger, credits Troma fans—The Citizens of Tromaville—as not only the reason why Troma has been able to survive for over 47 years but for applying the right pressure on the monolithic media platform to restore Troma’s content.

Kaufman says, “The Troma faithful have been unbelievably instrumental in our success for the last 46 years and now can rest happily knowing our reinstatement is ALL due to their care & dedication towards fighting for the little guy….and Troma could not be more grateful for your support!”

For its fans, Troma Entertainment is making arrangements for something even bigger and better.

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