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By Film Threat Staff | August 22, 2006

Trey Parker and Matt Stone will be returning to the filmmaking business (as opposed to the awesome TV series-making business) next year with two, count them, TWO projects: My All-American and Giant Monsters Attack Japan!. The first is a “high-school comedy,” while the second is pretty obvious, combining “live-action with the ‘rubber suit’ techniques made popular in Asian imports like Godzilla.”

The films are not from original scripts by Matt or Trey, making the projects the first time Trey has directed material other than his own.

All told, we’ll be the first in line for anything from Trey and Matt, but if Team America: World Police had the duo talking a split due to the pains of operating in such an outdated medium, you got to wonder how they’ll fare with rubber suits…

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