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The Film Threat team arrived in Park City, Utah for the 2018 Sundance Film Festival filled with enthusiasm… and left completely exhausted. Film Threat Podcast hosts Chris Gore and Anthony Ray Bench recorded daily episodes of the show for your amusement. Most of the time, hilarity ensued. There was a Sundance preview show, a show recorded from the road, a live show and party, a show at the Film Threat condo, a competition show for the master bedroom at the condo and other shows recorded at random hours of the night. And most of those shows included other Film Threat writers and friends including Matthew Passantino, Natalia Winkelman, T. Anthony Schear and John Bernstein to comment on the films and fun in Park City.

We hope you enjoyed our Sundance 2018 coverage. Please help support the Film Threat Podcast by telling your friends about it and posting a review on iTunes where you can also download and subscribe. You could also give all 10 episodes of our daily Sundance 2018 shows a listen on SoundCloud, here they are below. And we will be back in Park City for Sundance in 2019! 

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