By Mark Bell | December 27, 2011

Leanne (Marissa Lapadura) and Bob (Rhohit Sharma) have hit that point in their relationship where marriage comes into the picture. Together for five years, and living together for a couple months, Bob decides to pop the big question… which Leanne does not enthusiastically respond to, instead stating she needs time to think. As Leanne mulls over her decision, family and friends alike throw their own opinions her way, generally to the tune of “better now than never” or “time is running out.” Whether or not she is ready seems to be irrelevant to all concerned.

The Time is Now gives us a glimpse at one person’s life at the crossroads, and allows us to see exactly what Leanne is up against. All told, her family is equal parts supportive and critical (thanks to Dad and Mom, respectively) and her sister is married with a newborn and, therefore, the standard by which all behavior is compared. Of course, if sis ain’t looking too happy, what could that mean for Leanne?

This is a very simple short film that ponders Leanne’s decision, she comes to a conclusion and it’s over. It doesn’t meander, it gets to it and gets it done, which is something I always appreciate. The visuals are okay, and the audio can be a little acoustically challenged (things get a little hollow-sounding in some scenes), but overall the short is fine. The actors all do their jobs, though Denise Lawrence, as Leanne’s mother, sometimes dances a little too close to the performance style of the mother in The Room (this is not a good thing).

There’s really not too much more to say; I wasn’t moved to high praise or depressing criticism. The Time is Now tackles a universal moment in many couple’s relationships, and the end decision will resonate differently depending on how you’ve made that decision yourself (or how you think you might make that decision). The short doesn’t try to be funny, and while the moment can be a dramatic one in a person’s life, the film doesn’t play it overly dramatic. It just is, for better or for worse.

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