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Just in time for the holidays, the gory prequel to Slashers Gone Wild finally arrives on Amazon Prime, so behold the horror of Scream for Christmas. Witness maniac Rob the Slasher (Tad Chilly) as he dons a Santa suit and slaughters his way through a group of cheerleaders and their boyfriends during a doomed Christmas party. He is joined by two other maniacs Phil the Reaper (Joe Whall) and Betty (Tonya Jerome).

Director Rob Avery, who loves Christmas and bloody horror says, “This is one of the craziest movies that I have ever made. Each character in the movie has a hidden secret that gets revealed. This is one of those horror comedies that you will never guess the ending until it happens. I have had fun watching people react to the batshit insane finale. I love b-movies and horror flicks. I made this movie for people like myself that enjoy low budget, absurd, splatter-fests. If you like movies like Thankskilling and Silent Night Deadly Night, and Slashers Gone Wild, then you just may get a kick out of this flick!”

Avery’s next movie is Wrath of the Zombielord, the long waited sequel to Slashers Gone Wild which too will have plenty of surprises.

Be sure to check out Scream for Christmas on Amazon Prime!

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