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Zombies Rule Vegas in Army of the Dead

By Film Threat Staff | August 5, 2021

Have you watched Army of the Dead yet? Everybody is talking about this movie. Click here to read a review on this title.

Are you looking for a new movie to watch but you are not sure what has been released? Well, something that everybody has been talking about in the last few months is Army of the Dead. This is a new title that was released on Netflix in May 2021. The director is Zack Snyder who has released a lot of zombie and action movies before. This includes Dawn of the Dead, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. So, as you would expect, people had a lot of high hopes for the Army of the Dead. So, let’s dive into it and break it all down.

The Exciting Plot


The movie is all about following a group of mercenaries in Las Vegas. There has been a zombie outbreak and the Sin City we once all knew is gone. Think about it as the apocalypse. While Las Vegas is known for gambling, this group is ready to risk it all. They want to pull off a heist and this is going to take place in the quarantine zone. This is a dangerous and risky move, but also once that could be very profitable. Some of the stars of the movie include Dave Bautista, Ella Purnell and Ana de la Reguera. We should warn you that if you are looking for a short movie, this is not going to be it. Army of the Dead is around 2 hours and 30 minutes long. So, you will want to grab a snack for this one.

An Exciting New Twist

If you are looking for a serious and realistic movie then Army of the Dead is probably not it. But, some are intrigued because it twists traditional genres and gives views a little bit of everything. For example, heist movies are popular but they have been done so many times in their traditional way. Then there are zombie movies, which are also very popular and most of the time, they are predictable. But, Army of the Dead takes a little bit of everything and twists them together to create an exciting new plot. So, we have an action-packed heist plot that takes place in a zombie apocalyptic world. That is something that has never been done before in movies.

Zombies are More Intelligent

When it comes to zombies, movie viewers are very picky. Indeed, there are some zombies that are more realistic than others, as strange as that sounds. There is no doubt that television series like ‘The Walking Dead’ have set the bar high when it comes to zombies. So, viewers are split when it comes to Army of the Dead.

We are used to seeing slow and wandering zombies. While they look like humans, they are ready to feed on flesh and will follow you wherever you go. Well, in Army of the Dead, the zombies are faster and more intelligent. You will see them acting like living humans, running around and jumping unlike you have ever seen. It will be up to you whether you like this element of zombie behavior or if it makes it unrealistic for you. But, there is no doubt that it adds excitement and more action to the movie.

Las Vegas Like Never Before

In a lot of movies, you see the best of Las Vegas. We are talking about the lights, glamor and entertainment of Sin City. After watching a movie like this, you’ll probably be ‘champing at the bit’ ready to jump on the computer and play at an online casino. The casinos always look so inviting and fun even if they are only briefly shown in a movie. With Army of the Dead, you are going to see Las Vegas in a whole new light. The zombies have taken over and the casinos are falling apart. But, a lot of people fantasize about carrying out a heist in Vegas and this is exactly what is going to be attempted in this movie. You will still see a lot of what you recognize about Sin City. But, it is rapidly turning into a wasteland. Do you think that the group of mercenaries will be able to pull off the biggest heist ever? You will need to watch and find out.

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  1. Graham Rae says:

    As a lifelong zombie film fan, I can honestly say that this rubbish videogame masquerading as a zombie film was one of the worst wastes of infantile celluloid I have ever seen.

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