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Why We Love the Visuals

By Chris Gore | February 13, 2019

Everything about a high-end casino is visually stunning from the building itself which can be architecturally beautiful to the interior design which simply oozes opulence the draw of the casino cannot be denied.

This visual assault on the senses has proven to be a goldmine for the movie makers who have used the environment as a backdrop to many famous blockbusters.

Even the games themselves are a treat to see. Put that together with all the hustle and bustle of the casino floor full of different characters gambling at their favorite games and the emotions that are felt as winners are made and losers are left to lick their wounds then it is hardly surprising that the casino is a location for many events that are not even casino-related.

Those movies that come to mind straight away are Casino Royale and Casino with Casino Royale being voted as the best James Bond movie to date, and no wonder when you remember those dazzling set pieces delivered wonderfully by Daniel Craig.

“…no wonder when you remember those dazzling set pieces delivered wonderfully by Daniel Craig.”

Those scenes that put 007 against Le Chiffre have to be some of the best exchanges between the hero and the villain in all of the Bond movies, allowing the audience to relate more as he endeavors to earn his ‘license to kill.’

Casino was directed by Marin Scorsese back in 1995 and brought together an amazing cast who performed the tense plot perfectly. Robert De Niro as the casino overseer is quite simply, brilliant as the dark narrative gives a wonderful contrast against the hustle, bustle and bright lights of the casino floor.

But it’s not only the tense movies that are formed about casino life, as Ocean’s Eleven, the star-studded movie with features the heist of a lifetime takes place in a more light-hearted way.

Not only have the movie makers used the casino as a back-drop to many successful films, the game developers have also done the same, and especially the gambling industry which has taken the land-based venues and moved online, very successfully.

Online casinos have proved to be incredibly successful, generating billions each year, and now players can expect games that are optimized for their mobile devices as well as being able to enjoy some fantastic casino welcome bonuses when they sign up to a new site.

Players at the online casinos can enjoy a variety of games including the classics like roulette, blackjack, poker and slots, and a lot of games have progressive jackpots attached to them which, if won, can really change lives.

The casino, in all of its guises has provided us with hours of entertainment and enjoyment, and long may it remain doing so.





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