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The Highest of Stakes

By Alan Ng | July 25, 2023

Is it possible to be a benevolent and good cult leader? Directors Patrick Moreau and Grant Peelle profile one such man in their documentary, The Highest of Stakes. Described by his followers as “God,” this “diety” is Richard Heart, the founder of HEX coin. You may not know HEX coin, as the media refuses to cover it, and any Reddit posts and comments are immediately removed from the threads.

Heart’s prominence in the crypto-sphere began at the beginning of this new financial market. Making numerous appearances on the top business cable channels, he staked himself as a knowledgeable resource, charismatic speaker, and ultimately a financial soothsayer by predicting the sharp rise and fall of Bitcoin (and other crypto) prices over the years. Heart amassed such a fan base that he devised HEX coin at the starting price of 57 cents on December 2, 2019. Today, the HEX coin value has multiplied by 10,000 percent. The structure and success rely solely on followers (known as HEXicans) and their investment and trust in Heart as their leader.

Ironically, the most engaging part of The Highest of Stakes is Richard Heart himself. He exudes charisma and speaks directly to the heart of everyone he comes into contact. Everyone deserves the right to live life to its fullest, casting aside the 9-to-5 grind. As such, according to Heart (paraphrasing), HEX coin was created to make people wealthy but in a disciplined way. When you invest in a stake in HEX coin, your funds are locked up for a pre-determined amount of time, which is set by you. At the end of the stake, you’re money grows. The longer the stake, the more you earn. You are essentially investing in “delayed gratification.”

“…almost disappears with their money with nothing to show for it and is linked to the crypto-crash of 2022.”

Before you think of this as a feature-length infomercial for Heart and HEX coin, the filmmakers dive deep into their subject matter. Much of the first half explores the cult-like nature of the Hexicans. Their unwavering devotion to following Heart is unmistakable when you listen to them speak. He asks them to invest or “sacrifice” their money for his new venture PulseChain, and they acquiesce. He almost disappears with their money with nothing to show for it and is linked to the crypto-crash of 2022. He did call it a “sacrifice.”

The Highest of Stakes then sends in two financial scam experts to examine HEX coin, its culture, and Heart himself. They pepper him with one tough, accusatory question after the other. They highlight the fact that an investment in HEX coin does nothing. It’s not invested in anything. It doesn’t work. It just sits there paying off present maturing stakes. When confronting Heart with what appears to be an elaborate Ponzi scheme, the man doesn’t deny their description of HEX coin. In fact, he doubles down and tells each investor every single detail about how HEX coin works.

I’ll be honest. I walked away feeling that HEX coin is a complex house of cards, but at the same time, feeling this heightened sense of FOMO. Maybe I’ve taken in too much of Heart’s Kool-Aid. At one point, Heart implies that the difference between him and Bernie Madoff is that Heart and HEX coin is absolutely transparent and encourages investors to dig deep and do their due diligence.

As a fan of documentaries, I’m always drawn to stories of extraordinary and odd people. This film hits my sweet spot. Heart is this enigma that I’m still trying to wrap my mind around. Ultimately, The Highest of Stakes is a profile of the most charismatic man in the world. Certainly, this man has to be a conman or, worse, a Svengali. Yet, the question is whether HEX coin is a scam, provided you know it’s a scam from the start.

UPDATE: On July 31, 2023, Richard Heart was sued by the SEC for misappropriating millions of dollars of investor funds.

The Highest of Stakes is set to premiere at Regal Theaters on August 4. For more information, visit The Highest of Stakes official website.

The Highest of Stakes (2023)

Directed and Written: Patrick Moreau, Grant Peelle

Starring: Richard Heart, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

The Highest of Stakes Image

"…feeling this heightened sense of FOMO."

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  1. Thomas says:

    Title: A Glimpse into the Future – “The Highest of Stakes” Movie Review

    “The Highest of Stakes” is a cinematic gem that captivates its audience with its impeccable production values. From stunning visuals to an enchanting musical score, the film weaves an exhilarating experience that leaves you elated. In a world besieged by modern-day challenges, this movie not only uplifts spirits but also nurtures hope.

    Set against the backdrop of a rapidly changing financial landscape, the film astutely showcases the potential of cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance (DeFi) as the way forward. It serves as a beacon of optimism, reminding us that amidst the chaos, there lies an avenue for empowerment and financial autonomy.

    The narrative masterfully highlights the pitfalls entrenched within the traditional financial system. By shedding light on these vulnerabilities, the film underscores the urgency of embracing one’s own destiny. It encourages the viewer to become the architect of their financial fate.

    Regardless of one’s stance on Richard Hart and his endeavors, the movie’s essence transcends personal opinions. It delves into the crux of the matter, presenting a wealth of invaluable insights. From seasoned crypto investors to newcomers, the film offers a rich tapestry of knowledge. For those already invested in cryptocurrencies, it reaffirms their choices and imparts fresh wisdom. Meanwhile, those unfamiliar with the crypto sphere are ushered into an eye-opening realm of possibilities.

    In the grand tapestry of “The Highest of Stakes,” Richard Hart serves as a conduit for thought-provoking discourse. Regardless of personal preferences or reservations, the film’s overarching narrative remains a testament to its universal appeal. It is a compelling watch that imparts essential information to all.

    As we stand at the precipice of an era defined by digital assets and decentralized systems, making informed choices in the realm of cryptocurrencies could indeed unlock a promising future. “The Highest of Stakes” encourages us to seize this pivotal moment, where the intersection of knowledge and decision-making might hold the key to a golden tomorrow.

  2. DB Cooper says:

    HEX is the G.O.A.T.

  3. Mark Hanretta says:

    A con man/scammer would never invite people to investigate their projects. I have followed Richard Heart for over two years now looking for anything that might scream “scam.” He has always insisted that everyone be very careful and skeptical of everything in crypto including and not limited to PHex, EHex, PulseChain and PulseX. I’ve come away with the opinion that Richard is NOT, repeat NOT a scam artist but someone who really wants to be recognized as a creator of one of the most transparent and successful investments of all time. Note: He was already a mega millionaire(most likely a billionaire} when he started these projects and therefore did not and does not need additional money from anything.
    Richard insists that crypto is a minefield of scams and in the past has given away FREE books to help people navigate thru this and better understand crypto. Again, NO I do not believe Richard Heart is anything but someone that has created very lucrative and unique investment opportunities that could help anyone become financially set for life.
    Note: My opinion is not financial advice, and as always, do your own due diligence.

  4. Justin says:

    I’m extremely excited to see this film. I encourage supporters and critics alike to go and enjoy this crypto documentary.

  5. Gareth Bradshaw says:

    Hex is true crypto without middle men like banks or centralised exchanges, it’s made me and hundreds of thousands of others Rich, call it a scam at your peril

  6. David says:

    Great review

  7. M Steve says:

    Fair review of the Man

  8. James W says:

    Obvious scam. Idiots deserve to lose all their money.

    • BPLove says:

      Oh, James. I’d ask you to produce one person who has been scammed or to simply explain how it’s a scam, but you’d never reply, because you couldn’t answer either. You have a chance to stop being dumb and get in while you can.

    • Scotty says:

      Can’t wait to watch! Love HEX coin. Been in crypto for 8 years and it has been the best by far 😎👍

  9. Effortless Crypto says:

    HEX, although complex, is not a scam. People forget that the crypto market is the most volatile in the World. To create huge gains, there are also huge drops in price. So far these have been typically in 4 year cycles. If this sequence repeats, HEX is perfectly positioned to have dramatic gains once again! DYOR!

  10. D Blackmore says:

    Nice review and as a “cult member” super excited for the doc to release! RH created a great product in a sea of actual scams.

  11. John Bishop says:

    This documentary will be spectacular.
    I can’t wait to see it.
    The movie of the year.
    A must see event.

  12. Flexican says:

    I would leave a positive comment but the ads on this page are too much, consistently covering 1/4 of the screen, will not read anymore

  13. Isaac says:

    Scam after scam… I was done with crypto. Kept nothing but Bitcoin. However I started paying attention to Richard Heart, his delivery and his message and decided to give HEX a chance, and to date It’s proven to be one of the best decisions of my life. I am truly great-full for Hex, RH and his products, especially the community of smart and individual thinkers from around the world who follow this man’s advice. I may have drank the Kool-Aid, but i’ve yet to see the first person he’s scammed appear anywhere!

  14. seek5555 says:

    HEX changed my life forever already! Full time Rv life thanks to Richard Heart and HEX! forever grateful!

  15. Andri says:

    I heard about HEX about 3 years ago, didn’t care, and now I’m in deep dive RH’s crypto ecosystem. The guy is true cypherpunk! Thats a rare thing.

  16. Bin says:

    Nice review!

  17. Mile says:

    Been financially free to live as I please and help those in need. Life is wonderful because of RH and HEX.

  18. McSlammin says:

    The more time that passes, if you keep researching HEX, the more you’ll realize it isn’t about Richard Heart. It is about the code and a fair, transparent store of value which pays YIELD in a way that is revolutionary. Enjoy the ride.

  19. Paul says:

    Besides the mad gains, the money the one thing HEX gave me personally, was purpose in life and that to me is worth a lot more than just dollars.
    Thank you Richard Heart!

  20. Sandip Chowdhury says:

    Hex change my life.. thanks Richard.
    Save more people from sacm.

  21. David M says:

    Hex scammed me into financial freedom.
    Thank you Richard

  22. Joe H says:

    Hex did not start at $0.57. It started 10,000x lower than that and went up that high.

  23. Paul says:

    Starting value is irreveleant when the lowest price short after launch was 5 zeros and a 56 of a penny if that what you value price against .

  24. John Skinner says:


  25. Ryan Turner says:

    Thanks for Honest Review. I have been in HEX Since Day One and I went From Broke to a Multi-Millionaire at the top of the Crypto Bull-Market. While the Price is Down Now, I am Still Up Hundreds of Times the Amount i Put in as the Compound interest Made Possible by the Nobel Prize Worthy T-Share System has More Than Made up For the Volatility in the Price. Like Albert Einstein Said : ‘Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it.’. Think of HEX like a 401K on Steroids

  26. Lakshya says:

    Been in crypto for well over a decade.

    The only other group of people as fanatical about their product are Bitcoiners.

    I hold a bag, and I am optimistic about Richard Heart products.

    Demand for and belief in a product make value go up. There isn’t very much external demand right now, but that’s just the market. Once people start FOMOing, this can get seriously fun. And profitable.

  27. Victor M says:

    Just to clarify, there is a mistake in your review:

    “Heart amassed such a fan base that he devised HEX coin at the starting price of 57 cents on December 2, 2019. Today, the HEX coin value has multiplied by 10,000 percent.”

    The coin peaked in price at around $0.57 cents in September of 2021. The coin launched in December 2019 at a price of $0.0001. It dropped significantly from that launch price, which caused the price to appreciate 10,000x over the course of about 2 years. It’s currently at about $0.02.

    Thank you for the honest review. I hope it left you entertained and intrigued. The rest of the review seemed on point and honest. Have a great day!

  28. Matt says:

    Hex changed my life. Such a beautiful cryptocurrency. I love all Richard Heart coins

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