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Why Mjölnir Chose Jane Foster aka Natalie Portman 

By Film Threat Staff | June 15, 2022

The fictional superheroine known as Jane Foster first appeared in comic books distributed in the United States by Marvel Comics. Before she became a superhero in her own right, the character was first presented to the audience as the new girlfriend of the warrior Thor Odinson. The character made its debut in issue #84 of Journey into Mystery, and it was Jack Kirby, Stan Lee, and Larry Lieber who were responsible for creating them (September 1962). Before Foster decided to pursue a career in medicine, she worked as a nurse for a significant amount of time. Her employer at the time was Dr. Donald Blake, who was Thor’s first mortal host. Later on, it is revealed that Foster is worthy of taking over the use of Mjolnir, Thor’s hammer when the latter is no longer able to do so. During this time, she takes on the persona of Thor and becomes a member of the Avengers team. Foster’s time as Thor comes to an end when the character she played gives up her life for the mantle, which is then taken up by the genuine Thor. During the events of the tale titled “The War of the Realms,” Brunnhilde and the other Valkyrior fall victim to the conflict, and Foster assumes their roles as Valkyrie.

In order to provide more background for the comic run by Jason Aaron, it should be noted that after experiencing her own life apart from Thor, Jane Foster learns because she has breast cancer and starts treatment for it. Shortly after commencing her chemotherapy, Thor became worthless of holding Mjolnir, so Foster took it up in his place, becoming the new Thor – frequently branded either Lady Thor or The Mighty Thor. Thor’s condition worsened quickly once she began her therapy. The act of Foster wielding the hammer and gaining all of Thor’s abilities resulted in the purging of her body of any and all pollutants, making her purer. Unfortunately, due to the fact that chemotherapy is basically an alien toxin towards the body, this was also eliminated from her system. The fact that Jane’s cancer was the result of a naturally occurring process rather than an illness brought on by an external agent explains why the hammer was unable to cure her of the disease. Therefore, this meant that each time she utilized Mjolnir, the chemotherapy treatment that she was receiving would be eliminated, allowing the disease to progress further. In addition to this, if Foster ever let go of the hammer for an extended period of time, she would simply revert to being a helpless cancer sufferer who was unable to protect herself.

Natalie Portman’s return to the role of the Mjolnir-wielding Jane Foster raises a lot of worries about what it may mean for our beloved weapon and so now ax-wielding Norse God of Thunder. Fans finally got a chance to see a lot more, Jane Foster, the Mighty Thor throughout the latest teaser for Thor: Love and Thunder.


Since the release of Thor: The Dark World in 2013, we had not seen Jane on screen in over a decade, with the exception of a cameo appearance she made in the 2019 film Avengers: Endgame. Because of this, the present is the ideal moment for a refresher on the true identity of Jane Foster and the reasons why she plays such a vital role in the history of Thor in Marvel Comics. And perhaps more importantly, the process by which she was transformed into Mighty Thor in the comic books, as well as what became of the original Thor, also known as Odinson after this transformation had a place.

The answers to all those questions can be found in Jane’s long and eventful history in the Marvel Comics universe, both during her moment as the Mighty Thor. As of the year 2022, the Marvel Comics universe has been around for 60 years, and Jane made her first appearance in the initial days of the Marvel Universe.

The most exciting part of the teaser was saved for last. It showed Jane Foster, played by Natalie Portman, appearing on the battlefield while brandishing Mjolnir in her guise as Mighty Thor.

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Natalie Portman as The Mighty Thor in THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER


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Last but not least, every Jane Foster supporter is becoming giddy over the prospect of seeing Jane as Thor. The anticipation around this series is palpable. The blend of comedy and action in the film works very well, and Jane and Thor have some of the most impressive outfits of anyone else in the cast.

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