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Which Skins Should You Invest in to Make a Profit?

By Film Threat Staff | December 7, 2023

Skins have become a popular way to make money in CS2. Many users constantly sell cs2 skins to make a profit and find other skins to earn even more money.

Indeed, CS2 allows users not only to play the beloved shooter, but also to earn money. Moreover, this does not have to be an amateur or professional tournament. One of the ways to earn money is through skins. Some traders do not play much, and instead study trends, the market, price changes, bloggers, and so on.

The skins market brings traders substantial money, but this does not mean that anyone can buy any skin and sell it for several times more. In this matter, patience, attentiveness, and analysis of current events are important. Therefore, pay attention to certain skins that may help you make a profit with the right strategy.

FAMAS | Roll Cage

FAMAS | Roll Cage has a fairly high price when it comes to this type of automatic rifle. The price depends on the exterior:

  • from $12 for Factory New;
  • from $4 for Minimal Wear;
  • from $2 for Field-Tested;
  • from $1.50 for Well-Worn;
  • from $1.49 for Battle-Scarred.

The color scheme is very memorable. The first coat of paint is metallic, which serves as the background. The very next layer contains red and white stripes and figures that resemble a racing car. The designers also simulated drops of dirt, so we can assume that this style refers to rally racing.

In terms of wear, the skin looks good in the Well-Worn exterior. Moreover, for such a price, almost all the patterns remain on the skin, and scratches are practically invisible. Only the most attentive will be able to distinguish an already worn skin from a Factory New exterior.

M4A1-S | Icarus Fell

This skin can be classified as an expensive skin. It is worth keeping an eye on it. Its different designs are blue and dark blue colors, impressively complementing each other. There is not much difference between the only two exteriors: Factory New and Minimal Wear.

Therefore, even the most discerning user will not notice any scuffs or defects with the newest version, which costs at least $380. 

SG 553 | Triarch

This is a very budget skin, both by the standards of this rifle and of the entire game. In the Factory New exterior, the skin costs from $2. On this skin, the largest part of the entire rifle is painted in a simple black color. Moreover, some elements are additionally painted in camouflage in a pleasant sand color. It seems as if this rifle has been in the desert or is very reminiscent of weapons used by soldiers in hot countries.

Now let’s talk about wear and tear on this skin. There are some scratches and missing paint that can be seen on the Well-Worn exterior, but they don’t make much of a difference. Due to the fact that the colors are quite neutral and basic, it does not cause major problems, and the aesthetic is preserved. To sum it up, the skin is quite decent for the money, and its characteristics fully justify themselves.


It is not only important to know which skin to choose and what to do with it. It is also important to use the right platform with which you can actually make a profit. Why do many CS2 skins investors choose the DMarket platform? Here are some reasons:

  • low cost skins
  • minimum commission
  • big choice
  • being able to withdraw funds.

By choosing the right site, you protect yourself from scammers and unscrupulous platforms. Today there are a huge number of trading platforms, so try investing just a few dollars now, and you can achieve success that will multiply your current budget by several times.

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