Watching Movies Avidly Online? Tips on How to Protect Your Network Image

Watching Movies Avidly Online? Tips on How to Protect Your Network

By Film Threat Staff | February 1, 2022

In line with the unfortunate outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, which reached global scales, we had to face serious lockdowns and stay indoors to prevent the spread of this deadly virus. People started carrying out most of their daily tasks online in line with these new circumstances.

More and more people turned to online shopping for clothes, fast food or groceries, online gaming or gambling as new hobbies, and watching movies online. Our topic for today will be watching movies online avidly through online streaming.

First of all, have you ever considered whether you’re in line with all the VPN protocols of online security and internet safety? Namely, when you visit third-party websites to watch streams of your favorite movies, you may get exposed to phishing attacks and cyber criminals stealing or abusing your data and information.

For this reason, we’ve composed an easy guide with tips on how to stay safe from internet fraud while watching your favorite movies online. Let’s go.

The top three tips for staying protected from phishing attacks while watching movie streams online 

Here’s how to secure the flow of your internet traffic in three easy steps:  

1. Invest in implementing a VPN service

If you don’t know a VPN service yet, let us take you out of the grey zone. As we’ve mentioned in the introduction, streaming protocols require internet safety and online security, which can help implement a VPN service. In a nutshell, a VPN service is like another layer of internet protection. It acts as an intermediary between the server of the streaming platform you visit to watch movies and your personal server. It also hides your IP address, protecting you from phishing attacks and third parties stealing your info. 

2. Create an unbreakable Wi-Fi password

Sure, when we install a Wireless connection to our houses, we try to create a unique password, somehow related to the things we love, of the numbers we find lucky. But is that password unbreakable? We often forget that we have to include numbers and symbols, which is why you should dedicate some extra time to creating the strongest possible password for your Wi-Fi at home. 

3. Do regular data-breach check-ups 

As a third and final step for protecting your internet traffic, we recommend you do regular check-ups for data breaches. When a data breach occurs, your info/data “leaks” and can get into the wrong hands of a third party who may abuse it. Therefore, check for these breaches at least once a month to prevent them at their core.   


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