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Top Tips to Play Roulette Effectively

By Film Threat Staff | July 2, 2022

Roulette is a gambling game with a revolving wheel and a ball that rotates in numbered compartments. The players bet on the numbers where the ball will reside. Many people are of the assumption that Roulettes are easy to battle with and do not require any specific knowledge. But here’s the catch. People with wrong assumptions and strategies end up losing the table. However, you can ace this game like a pro with a knack for details and a few tricks. As a result, roulettes are played at the best casino Australia.

You can give Roulette a shot if you are a newbie in this online gambling world and are looking for a real money online casino in Australia. So hold on as we unfold some tips and tricks to help you score big at the grand table.

Lay down multiple corner bets

The best way to increase your potential winning chance while playing Roulette is to begin playing the game with multiple corner bets. However, choosing the corner closest to the winning number is often advisable. This is because the probability for the payouts of the corner bets is usually ⅛, and they have higher chances of winning. In addition, it is safer and more convenient than most other forms of bets.

Bet on a low minimum and high maximum table

The most profound way to increase your winning probability in a roulette game is to bet tiny amounts on either red or black. The other lucrative option is to try your lands on odd-even bets, as they are at the highest possibility of winning. This trick acts as a confidence booster for newbie roulette lovers.

Stay Away from single-number bets

There is something that creates a sudden adrenaline rush when we talk about 1:35 single numbers inside bets, isn’t it? Although the probability of winning these bets is pretty severe, you should consider this trick while playing Roulette and make this a point of playing even once. But, of course, stick to the higher odds of who has the chance to win.

The Classic Martingale Strategy

Whether you are an absolute beginner or a Roulette champion, the Martingale strategy is the only common thing among all Roulette fanatics. This strategy states that whenever you lose a bet, cover it up by bidding more and overcome all the losses in a single win. However, it is always advisable to use this strategy by starting small, and the best is to last with black or red throughout the game.  

The Reverse Martingale

Evident  from the name itself, the Reverse Martingale strategy is the opposite of the classic Martingale strategy. In this, the betting amount increases after you win a bet, unlike in the Martingale strategy, where the betting amount increases after every loss. Even in the reverse Martingale process, the player is advised to stick to colors or numbers.

The Golden Fibonacci Rule

Following the Fibonacci rule can change your entire Roulette game and give you a new perspective while playing them. In this set of rules, a player needs to aim at a particular strategy to get ahead of their losses, even by a small margin. In this strategy, every third bet is the sum of the two previously lost bets.

Start Small

No matter what gambling game you are playing, you just cannot bid for a jackpot at once. Instead, it is tiny steps that will take you ahead. The same is the case while playing Roulette. Start by placing low-risk bids, and you can go for even black-red bets or odd black-red bets. Initially, the payout may seem small, but you can constantly re-invest them into high-risk single-digit bets.

Look for the Bond Strategy

The bond strategy is another factor that can elevate your Roulette games. Bond strategy comes as a helping hand to minimise losses when placing three bets simultaneously. Once you have mastered the box strategy, you can ace your Roulette game.

Excel at Maths and Physics

Roulette is nothing but a blend of physics and maths. According to the researchers, the outcome of any roulette table can be predicted by calculating the ball’s velocity. Moreover, almost 59% of the time, it has delivered faultless results. So by having a firm grip on physics and maths, you can also predict the result of the Roulette table and increase your potential chances of winning.

Know when to stop

With all the glitz and glam in the gambling industry, one can never ignore the probability of losing the game. Knowing when to stop is crucial to saving yourself from many losses. Suppose if you have lost 7 spins on a roulette wheel, there are chances that you might not be able to overcome your losses with the 8th spin. So that is where you should stop.

With certain essential things in mind, you should spot when and where you need to stop and start a fresh spin.

Look for Biased Wheel

All roulette players are familiar with the term biassed wheel. In case you don’t, then it is the probability of a certain number or numbers hitting out of all possibilities. To guess the biassed wheel try searching for numbers that have hitting the scoreboard twice and then bet that number.


Roulettes are a game of heritage; you can play them effortlessly with little knowledge and luck. Try exploring these tricks to get better with your game. When beginning your Roulette journey, do not get frustrated in the very beginning. It is the game of fate with little knowledge. Hold on and keep going.

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