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Top Gambling Movies Ever

By Film Threat Staff | January 18, 2022

Are you interested in the topic of gambling? Many people now feel a lack of adrenaline and get bogged down in their routine. Some are ready to risk and select a good UK online casino to have some fun and feel the atmosphere. While others prefer to be viewers and like to enjoy the actions from the sidelines. If you want to enjoy some exciting gambling movies, constantly keeping you in tension, take a look at our selection. Spoiler: you will even find something that you didn’t expect to see in such a list!

Molly’s Game by Aaron Shorkin

The main character, searching for a better life, opens an underground casino, attracting the world’s influential people and Hollywood stars to her establishment. The gaming club becomes increasingly popular until the moment she faces concerns with the mafia, FBI, and government. Molly Bloom should choose ways to solve the problem. Jessica Chastain was completely immersed in this role, making the film unforgettable for the adrenaline fans.

21 by Robert Luketic

A team of young people decided to pull off an affair of the century and ravage five biggest casinos in the world. They were five, and they have shown their excellent strategies and talents in card games and changed the gambling world. Were they successful in their idea? Two hours of fun and constant tension for viewers are guaranteed, so make sure to free up some time and watch the movie.

Atlantic City by Louis Malle

Although the movie was filmed long ago, in 1980, it still remains a favourite film for many risk lovers. Atlantic City has always been known as a gambling centre where many people come to satisfy their gambling desires. The main story is a romance of young Sally, whose dreams are ruined due to her drug-dealing husband and an old rogue who has lost his fortune. Meeting Sally opened a new breath inside him, so he starts his dark deeds again. But the mafia never sleeps…

Casino Royale by Martin Campbell

This movie can be considered a classic since James Bond is adored for many decades. Daniel Craig fits perfectly with this character and makes the film intriguing and dynamic. The plot takes us to the origins of the espionage activities of the super spy and his task is to get on the trail of a global terrorist organization, obtain the necessary information and stop its activities. Using guns is predictable, but the real game starts on the green cloth of Casino Royale.

The Card Counter by Paul Shrader

Before becoming a soldier, William Teller was a professional poker player. And after returning from war, the character tries to find an outlet in his once-beloved hobby. Power and money have always attracted the main character, so he takes over the old. His new friend tries to stop him, but everything goes too far…

Bonus: Squid Game

Only the lazy one did not hear about that series. And it would seem, how does gambling relates to this movie? However, gambling is not only about casinos and pokies. The series shows us that humans are sometimes so greedy that they are ready to go over their principles and do unforgivable things to satisfy their crazy desires.

Gambling Movies and Interest of Public

Casinos and gambling have been on the rise for centuries, so it’s not surprising that numerous books and movies cover this topic. Great acting and excellent directing – that’s what unites these works. Do not deny yourself the pleasure to watch these fantastic films, providing an atmosphere of riddles and mysteries of the gambling industry.

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