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Top 7 Greatest Movies About a Casino Robbery

By Adam Lane | October 20, 2021

Casinos and gambling facilities have been always a great resort of fun and entertainment for a lot of people. We all love movies and to be more specific action movies, cinema remains one of the best ways to enjoy your time. But what if we gathered the world of casinos with the industry of cinema, that would be a piece of art for sure.

Casino’s growth still increasing day after day,  since the casinos are protecting their players, gamblers, and the workers themselves. Casino’s movies are very popular to the public and a great deal of fun and exciting, we can’t talk about action movies without mentioning at least some of the great casino’s robbery movies, since it has a lot of action scenes in them.

So, if you still haven’t watched any of the casino’s robbery movies, that means you are so lucky since you still have the opportunity to choose among them and enjoy the movies, old or new, they are still very exciting to watch and an excellent experience. No matter how much time it has been. Visit online casino real money Canada.

Nowadays it becomes easy when it comes to finding a movie online with a lot of streaming options and websites to search for your movie. Next, we will mention to you the most exciting movies about casinos’ robbery. Let’s get started!

1. 21

There are plenty of real casinos heist movies, but what about online casinos!? There is plenty of online casino 1$ deposit and in this movie (21) 6 MIT students are gathered and decided to rob an online casino without even shooting anyone or using violence at all, they found a way to steal casinos by cheating on the casino’s games and winning a huge amount of money with their skills of math in the blackjack game, which you might call an intelligence movie, but still one of the top movies about casinos’ robbery that we recommend you watch.

2. Ocean’s Eleven

The one of its kind, well-rated with a rate of 7.7 on(IMDb) and the well-known movie, ocean’s eleven is a real piece of art, you will be so lucky if you haven’t watched it yet.

The American movie was released in 2001, by the director (steven Soderbergh), And the amazing cast includes George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Matt Damon, and a lot more great actors. 

Since robbing a single bank may not be enough for Danny Ocean (George Clooney), he gathered a great team to plan for the heist of 3 large casinos! And their goal is to steal over $150 million.

The movie was a great success back when it was released and made hundreds of millions of gross. So, make sure you enjoy it.

3. Casino Royale 

You might have seen it coming since this movie is considered to be one of the best movies for Daniel Craig or shall we say James bond! In Casino Royale, Bond is an MI6 agent, James Bond gambles against a sinister private banker who funds terrorists in his free time. So, if you are planning to watch this movie, that’s good, because you are about to witness almost 145 minutes of excitement and action.

4. 3000 Miles to Graceland

We can’t be mentioning movies about casinos’ robbery without talking about this great movie, here in 3000 miles to Graceland Neil Jordan has created a movie which is full of exciting and breathtaking scenes for the lovers of heist and robbery movies. From gunshots, heist plans, and the great music, with an awesome cast including Courtney Cox and Kevin Costner, you will enjoy that movie.

5. Reindeer Games

Not only casino robbery but also car chases and love stories, with an attractive cast includes, Ben Affleck, who is a lover of poker and blackjack, Charlize Theron, and Isaac Hayes.

The movie sounds interesting and very exciting, and it is for sure one of the best movies in the history of casinos’ movies, ben Affleck playing Rudy in the movie who finds himself in a trap and must join the casino heist, we know you believe it but all that Rudy wanted was to go to his home, so don’t miss this movie and make sure you watch it one day.

6. The Gambler

An American movie categorized as a drama crime movie, whose director is Rupert Wyatt. starring Mark Wahlberg which is a good actor for the movie. In this movie mark, Wahlberg is playing Jim Bennett who is a professor, and addicted to gambling, and ends up owing 200 thousand $ to lee and another 50 thousand to (loan shark), so lee gives him some time to pay what he owes to him, or otherwise will be murdered. The movie will take you to a world full of adrenaline and exciting scenes.

7. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

if you are looking for a movie filled with drama, comedy, and action scenes, so you are in the right place since you will find all these in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas with the star Johnny Depp, so make sure you don’t miss this exciting movie.

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