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Top 5 British Actors To Gamble On

By Chris Gore | September 17, 2018

Have you really thought about how gambling is more than just about playing cards, knowing the rules or spinning the reels of a slot machine? Nowadays gambling has reached beyond the borders of entertainment and skill and has become a creative endeavor. Fold or go all in? What type of casino bonus best fits the type of game at hand?

With creativity now being part of the package, it is no wonder that gambling addiction has become more widespread. Who could help to become absorbed by an endeavour that is entertaining, flexes your skills and creativity and from time to time rewards you with substantial prizes?

Thus the gambling story genre was born. And whom better to illustrate this fascinating new narrative than movie stars of all ages. From young British actors to British actors over 60, all who have been passionate about gambling have had a wondrous and exciting adventure in the world of table games, horserace betting, slot machines and more.

  1. Mischa Barton is number one on our list. She is best known for her role in the teenage romance tv series The O.C. Here she plays Marissa Cooper, a young well-off young girl with a glamorous and luxuriant lifestyle. The same glamour and lifestyle have moved on to the actor’s real life, where she frequently indulges in long gambling session.

  1. Shannon Elizabeth was born in the U.S. but is of British descent. She is best known for her role in American Pie. Formerly a fashion model, Shannon is a regular presence at the poker tables. She is so passionate about the game that she can frequently be found in the Las Vegas tournament circuit and in the World Series of Poker (WSOP). She’s even hired a coach – the great Daniel Negreanu – to help her improve her game.
  2. Charles Hawtrey – born in 1858 – was an English actor, director, producer and manager. He was successful both as an actor and as a manager and most of his collaborations included new works by famous writers like Oscar Wilde and Somerset Maugham. His gamble of choice was horserace betting. This passion of bankrupted him several times over the course of his life.
  3. Sid James was the star of the Carry On film series. He was so enthusiastic about gambling that he had an agreement with his agent under which his wife was not to know about his salary so that he could set aside the amount he wanted for gambling. Unfortunately for him, he either lacked luck, creativity or skill, because he was a largely unsuccessful gambler.
  4. Dennis Price was an English actor known for playing Louis Mazzini in the film Kind Hearts and Coronets (1949). In 1967, at age 52, he was declared bankrupt for the first time. The reason? He tried making up for his extravagant living with gambling and hit a losing streak that eventually got the best of his financials. To get out of this predicament, he moved to the island of Sark, a renowned tax heaven.

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