By Admin | December 29, 2003

After seeing so many ‘chick flicks’ with older men who date and sleep with women half his age if not younger, it was fun to finally see a film that made fun of characters and movies like that. Are they presented as cool and hip? Nope, they’re seen as the old men who are too immature to act their age. ‘Something’s Gotta Give’ is a sweet and fresh comedy that was a joy to watch. Directed by Nancy Myers who brought us movies like ‘What Women Want’ comes a film that is both cute and sweet that doesn’t make you want to barf. Carried by some very impressive performances, it’s a movie that I would quickly recommend for those who are looking for a mild alternative to the over the top battle filled action films. It’s a sweet film that I think both couples and especially older audiences will have a lot of fun with. It’s a sweet film that’s a breath of fresh air, one that I think many will find very entertaining.
The film starts and ends with its acting. Jack Nicholson is amazing as the older man who doesn’t seem to be willing to match wits with someone his own age. The transformation his character goes through is very believable, especially his reaction towards the predicament of his heart attacks. Diane Keaton is just as stunning in her role of the struggling writer. Both Nicholson and Keaton are terrific when on screen together and because of this we believe in their romance. The story seemed so real, especially when Keaton’s character used her pain to drag herself out of the writer’s block she was in at the beginning. The only flaw this film really has also concerns there rest of cast. Amanda Peet is delicious as Keaton’s young daughter, but Frances McDormand is just wasted, with little screen time. Keanu Reeves makes a valiant effort as the young doctor who tries to woo Keaton’s character, but he comes off as flat and outright boring. Perhaps that was the director’s intent so that we’d root for Jack to come in and save the lady, but we’ll never really know.
Nancy Myers did a great job both with writing and directing as she seemed to have the complete trust of the cast as both Keath and Nicholson are willing to show off a little too much of themselves for the benefit of the film and for laughs. While some of the scenes may have been ultra-cheesy if done with other actors, Nicholson and Keaton are able to sell it nicely and make what looks corny in other movies sweet and romantic in this screening. You could also tell that the cast was having a lot of fun with this film, and in turn the audience seemed to get into that kind of spirit at the same time. The only fault in this film for me was the length and there were a few scenes that just seemed to drag out just a tad. This is a very, very small complaint because the end of the film is worth sitting through for as it’s just a mushy romantic scene with the snow falling in Paris that I am sure will have many reaching for the hankees. While the story has a feel good ending to it, you don’t feel ripped off or temped to blow chunks, but are instead happy for the characters who you grew to love and care for as the film progressed.
Overall, ‘Something’s Gotta Give’ is a surprisingly good comedy that managed to exceed expectations basically because of the strong performances of Nicholson and Keaton. Even at their age, they made us believe that love can change anyone… even the old dog who isn’t supposed to. The movie while predictable as some points was cute and really fun to get into. I highly recommend this movie for people who are looking to get away from all the intense drama or battle filled epics that are currently owning the monopoly of today’s movie screens. It presents a great story and a moral that are not lost on the audience, while at the same time presenting a script and dialogue that is both sharp and mature. I got a big kick out of watching this movie and it comes highly recommended, especially those in search of something different than the current blockbusters.

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