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By Alex Nohe | April 13, 2002

Corky Quackenbush is a name you’ll remember. Not just because it sounds fake, but because he is a master. Names like Spike Jonze, Michel Gondry, or Peter Glazer are bandied around as MTV autuers. Change the game to off-kilter pop animation and Corky is your Spielberg. Featured in this program of shorts are a mix from the mainstream to the more disturbing of Corky’s work. The later was satirically exemplified by a psychotic 8 year old beckoned by his imaginary pet to murder amorous teens as the Son of Goliath serial killer. An example more acceptable to the general public would be “Dirty River Dancing,” a celebrity spoof that giddily mixes the more ridiculous elements of Corky’s “inspirations.” You can currently find a series of commissioned Quackenbush originals on the Oxygen Network.

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