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Musical movies are so exciting and you can draw inspiration from them. Film producers of all time especially Disney are known to produce the greatest musical movies for all generations. Talk of the ones for teenagers and adults. To add to the list there are also great animation musical movies.

The Greatest Showman 

This movie takes you back to the 18th century. The times where if you had no money no one would respect you in society.

It mainly centred on the displays by PT Barnum at his circus show museum. Staring Hugh Jackman, Rebecca Ferguson, and Zac Efron the musical performances at the circus will take your breath away.

High School Musical 

Directed by Kenny Ortega this is one of the greatest musical movies for teenagers of all time. The storyline is centred on the athlete troy and the amazing singer Gabrielle. The story becomes more interesting with the growth of their teen love for each other.

Into the Woods 

If you are a music and superstitious things lover this is the movie for you. Starring Emily Blunt, Chris Pine and Meryl Streep its music will make you believe in the imaginary world that is present to the audience.

La La Land 

The name says it all for this movie .the amazing performance presented by the award-winning John Legend Keith in the movie and Ryan Gosling. Together with Emma stone will bring out your love and appreciation for music. Where there is music there is love in la-la land.


The story seeks to tell how the secretary for treasury grows his love for hip hop and RnB music genres. Some of the leading actors and actresses include Anthony Ramos and Emmy Rivera. One of the popular songs from Hamilton is Alexander Hamilton which was composed by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

The movie is so popular for winning a lot of awards s including the tony awards. Besides awards, it tells a historical story as well that is worth watching for 2 hours and 40 minutes.

In the Heights 

The story centered on the heights of New York City makes you sing along to the amazing songs on it. It’s more inspired by a community that has youngsters that have great dreams of making it in the music industry someday.

According to a blog by best online casino usa, the filmmakers of in the heights take you through how music helps you live up to your spirit in tough situations of life. All you need to do is take one step at a time in life and you will make it one day as expressed in the music of this movie and the amazing dances. Some of the actors include Anthony Ramose and Leslie Grace.


If you are a fan of comedy and music this is the movie for you this year. Staring Adam Driver and Marion Cotillard this is one of the most amazing comedies, love and musical story that will take a twist with the birth of a child. 

The amazing Ann falls in love with henry in the movie and their love story grows under the spotlight since is singer. The movie is set to be released on the 6th of August 2021. It’s also directed by Leos Carax the story is from the amazing writers Ron Mael and Russel Mael.


The story is so amazing to the extent that it will evoke all kinds of emotions in yours. It’s centred on a group of girls that set out to climb the ladder in their musical career. All of the dreams are however shattered by the ambitious manager they end up with. 

Staring the famous pop stars Beyonce Knowles, Jennifer Hudson and eddy murphy this is one of the greatest musical movies of all time. The Director and writer of the movie bill Condon showed his expertise by touching on all themes in this movie. 

 A Star Is Born 

It seems like where there is music there is love. A star is born is a movie centred on the love story of two musicians. Ally and Jackson makes it huge in the music spotlight but their love story faces a lot of challenges. Starring popular songstress Lady Gaga and director Bradley Cooper as Ally and Jackson respectively this is an interesting love story driven by music.


Released in 2019 Rocketman is one of the best musical movies that you can watch with your family. What makes it more interesting is that it trails on the life story of the popular musician Elton john. If you are a fan of some Elton John music this movie is based on a true story of the man you should watch. The movie was directed by Dexter Fletcher and stars Richard Madden and Taron Egerton.

You can never have a dull moment watching one of these amazing musical movies just like when playing real money casino games. It’s more interesting seeing that most of them features some of the popular musicians in the world.


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