It wouldn’t be a Monkey Man strip without the return of the mighty MONKEY BOY! From the mind of Brian Lynch (Spike, Angel and Angry Naked Pat) and the pen of James Stayte.

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  1. Brian Lynch says:

    Will Monkey Boy leave his gang life behind? Will he and Monkey Man reunite? WHO WILL MONKEY MAN RECRUIT? Stay tuned!

  2. Magoonie says:

    Loved it, having Monkey Man back is great. So much fun seeing Monkey Boy again even if he’s changed a bit. Our Gang life can be hard!

  3. TarrikDane says:

    Love it! I especially liked the first panel with the Little Rascals. Monkey Man has me doing the unthinkable, actually looking forward to mondays.

  4. Chiusano says:

    Hooray for Monkey Boy! He’s the best, even whenst drained of color. Great work.

  5. nate.3.0 says:

    Can we have a spin off series of the Monkey Boy/Our Gang crossover!?

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