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Stan The Man

By Alan Ng | January 21, 2020

From director/star Steven Chase and screenwriter Zachary Sasim comes Stan The Man. Chase plays the titular Stan Mann, a gambler, hustler, and ladies’ man. At the start of the film, Stan is having a lucky day at his favorite casino. His first stroke of luck comes in the form of the set of twins, he’s dating, accidentally walks in on the other set of twins that he’s also dating, ending in a lucky catfight.

When Stan escapes to the casino floor, his lucky feeling compels him to take a few risky risks, like doubling down on a hard 13 in blackjack and putting it all on lucky number seven in roulette. While most casinos would think Stan is cheating, this casino welcomes him with open arms as their best gambler as he dispenses his own wisdom of life to anyone who asks. Lucky guy.

“…Stan finds himself in the presence of an angel…who tells him that he has a second chance to change his life.”

A movie wouldn’t be a movie unless Stan’s luck runs out, and it does at the hands of a Russian mob. The mob boss takes advantage of Stan’s winning streak and swindles him out of millions of dollars…mostly from his Amex Black card…and with a tainted drink. After losing everything, Stan is thrown onto the street, where he stumbles across a liquor store robbery and is shot trying to be a hero.

Instantly Stan finds himself in the presence of an angel, Angelina (Dana Daurey), who tells him that he has a second chance to change his life. If he can change for the better by giving up gambling, drinking, womanizing, and finding love instead, he’ll earn that second chance. When Stan returns, he finds himself millions of dollars in debt and pursued by two women: Kristi (Anne Leighton), whom he saved during the robbery, and Elizabeth (Katherine Kelly Lang), who wants his supposed wealth. Will Stan find true love?

Stan The Man (2020)

Directed: Steven Chase

Written: Zachary Sasim

Starring: Steven Chase, Anne Leighton, Katherine Kelly Lang, etc.

Movie score: 6.5/10

Stan The Man Image

"…open your heart a little, and you might just have a good time in the end."

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