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The Best Gambling Movies of All Time

By Film Threat Staff | December 26, 2020

The motif of gambling and casinos has been explored by pop culture, movies and music albums since the beginning of time. Gambling has an inherent risk associated with it which is what makes the domain dangerous but thrilling. People want to indulge in gambling and frequent the casinos despite the inherent risks. 

This quotient of risk and thrill, when juxtaposed with movies, makes for a brilliant watch. Movies about gambling sell because of the adrenaline rush and the promise of the thrill. People derive pleasure from watching their favorite actors spiral into a web of losses and then emerge victoriously from it. Movies about gambling and casinos are real money spinners and have always been quite successful. 

That is why the film industry still keeps exploring the motif and makes more movies out of the same. In the article that we have here today, we shall attempt to look back at a few movies that revolve around the themes of gambling and casinos. The carefully curated list shall come in quite handy when you want to opt for a movie marathon one Saturday night. Therefore, without any further ado, let us start with our discussion and bring to the fore some of these gems.

Ocean’s Eleven

A discussion about movies exploring the theme of gambling cannot begin without mentioning Ocean’s Eleven, that released back in 2001. Ocean’s Eleven is more than just a cautionary tale about gamblers. It showcases George Clooney and Brad Pitt’s characters against the backdrop of upscale and modern Vegas. 

The movie does not try to squeeze in excitement and awe from its audience by portraying degenerate behavior by its leads. It is rather cool and exudes charm in all its glory. Gambling, in the movie, becomes a character of its own and ensnares the audience with its sleek and cocky spirit.


Up next on our list is Casino, which by the name itself, sounds like a movie that is all and only about gambling. However, you shall be pleasantly surprised to find that Casino is much more than just gambling. However, we shall not tread on those lines and instead let you figure it out on your own. 

Casino sees Robert De Niro as a gangster who runs a casino. He tries to do things the right way; however, his efforts are interrupted by his pal and another beautiful, ambitious woman that he would do better, not trusting. Martin Scorsese’s drama that explores gambling and the casinos in all their glory shall be the right pick for you if you are interested in finding out what transpires in the Sin City. 

The Hustler

The next movie that we have selected for discussion, and that has been much raved about on sites like, is The Hustler that released in 1961. The Hustler also has a sequel, The Color of Money, which too, revolves around gambling. Considering all the parameters for rating gambling movies, The Hustler might not steal the show in the article, but it is worth a mention. 

The Hustler, though a movie about gambling, focusses on the greater human emotions of ambition, integrity and loyalty. It is interesting to witness these emotions play against the backdrop of gambling, which is inherently a risky domain. However, if you want to get a better taste of gambling, you might want to check out the sequel of this movie, that we mentioned earlier in this point.

Casino Royale

The final movie that we have on this list is the much celebrated and thrilling from every aspect, Casino Royale. James Bond has always had a huge fan base. The exotic locations, the high on adrenaline criminal sequences, and the extremely good looking men and women in the movies make James Bond what it is. 

That, added with the thrill of the casinos, makes for a brilliant watch. And watching the handsome Daniel Craig, suit up and play his hand at the casinos is nothing less than a visual treat. The movie follows James Bond take on the villainous and sadist Le Chiffre. Perhaps the most memorable moment in the movie is when Bond takes down his adversary at the Monte Carlo casino in the ultimate all-or-nothing poker game. If you are a 007 fan and are remotely interested in gambling, this movie might be the show stealer for you.

These were a few of our picks that we thought must make it to our list of the best gambling movies of all time. The article is not a comprehensive one, and you might know of several other gems. Feel free to add on and curate your own list so that you can binge through these movies one fine weekend. 

Casinos and gambling, when amalgamated with drama and movies about crime, take the viewing experience to a whole another level. You might, therefore, want to try it out for yourself and indulge yourself in some unadulterated movie viewing fun.

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