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Game Adaptations of Films That Are Worth Your Time

By Film Threat Staff | November 16, 2021

Movies have provided the inspiration for many games over the years and today there are some fantastic game adaptions of films. Below you will find some of the greatest game adaptations of films, all of which are worth your time playing.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is a notable example of a movie franchise being developed into a top game. There are many Star Wars video games available but Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order by Electronic Arts is arguably the best of the bunch. The game sits between Episode III and the events of Star Wars Rebels and you play as Cal Kestis. The Jedi are under threat from the Great Jedi Purge and as a Jedi Padawan serving under their rule, you must use your lightsaber and the force to stop them. You can travel between different planets, find secrets and battle bosses in what is a tremendous game for all Star Wars fans.

Capitalizing on Big Franchises

The Lord of the Rings sits up there with the biggest movie franchises of all time and comes close to Star Wars in that respect. Much like Star Wars, there have been several Lord of the Rings based games produced over the years, but one stands far above the rest. Middle-earth: Shadow of War sees you take on the role of Talion and the aim of the game is to stop Sauron. Played as a prequel to the films, Middle earth: Shadow of War boasts superb mechanics as you take on the orc army and the game plays differently every time depending on the ranking members of the orc army you need to kill.

Going back to a classic and one of the greatest game adaptations of films that you must play is Golden Eye 007 on the Nintendo 64. The single player campaign was good but what made this game special was the multiplayer, split-screen version where players must accomplish a goal to win. It could be to kill the other players or take control of a flag for the longest period of time. Not only are the characters from the Golden Eye film included but also classic characters from previous Bond films, including Jaws and Oddjob. For those who do not have a Nintendo 64 to hand, the good news is Golden Eye 007 has been made available to play on PC for free and we recommend you try it today. Here you’ll find some of the best NetEnt Casinos which offer the latest games from the NetEnt brand.”

Netent Has Some of the Best Slots Based on Movies

Moving away from standard video games and online casinos have produced some of the best game adaptations of films over the years. For example, Planet of the Apes is regarded as one of the best slot games of all time, not only based on films, but overall. The game is one of the leading slots currently and is based on two sets of reels positioned next to each other rather than the usual one set of reels. Each set of reels is based on a film from the Planet of the Apes franchise (Dawn and Rise) and there are clips from the movies throughout the game that add to the overall experience of the slot. The graphics are excellent and with the possibility of winning up to 600,000 coins at an RTP of 96.3%, the Planet of the Apes slot is up there with the best game adaptations of films.

Staying with video slot games and there are plenty of tremendous game adaptions of movies that are worth your time. NetEnt have been busy developing leading slot games based on films, including classics such as Scarface, Alien, Dracula, Frankenstein, the Invisible Man, and Jumanji. Each of the slots plays tribute to the films in style and you will be swept along, not only by the graphics and gameplay but also the sounds and music.

Returning to standard video games based on films and Mad Max is the perfect example of how to transfer a movie franchise to a game. The Mad Max game, which was released on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, is not based on any particular Mad Max film but if you think of the premise and setting of the films, the game follows suit. Mad Max is an open world adventure games, similar to the likes of Assassins Creed and you take on the role Max Rockatansky, who is searching for fuel. Your vehicle plays a significant role in the game, with the ability to upgrade it as you progress before taking it into battle against enemies.

For those who like a fright when gaming, Friday the 13th: The Game is the perfect game adaptation of a film. This is a multiplayer game, and the goal is to escape the map or remain alive until the end of the timer. One player takes control of Jason Voorhees, and it is the job of up to seven other players to avoid being killed. 

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