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Along with the laurels from festival wins and the ratings from traditional media outlets, Swedish movie posters are frequently decorated with quotes and ratings from the online film magazine, In only a few years Filmtopp has become one of the most trusted sources in Sweden when it comes to content focused on the film and TV industry – and browsing through their website, one can easily see why. 

Not only do the people at Filmtopp grant us with a Swedish perspective on everything we want to know about the world of streaming, film and TV – they do so while simultaneously encouraging people to consume their entertainment legally. An undertaking that isn’t necessarily a given, considering Sweden is a country where many still have a close relationship to online piracy. 

With the Finger on the Pulse of the Streaming Industry

Filmtopp is in many ways still the new kid on the block among the Swedish outlets covering the film industry. Yet, being launched as late as in 2015,, has rapidly become among the most popular entertainment sites in Sweden. The frequent output of honest reviews, thoughtful opinion pieces, and the latest news from the business, as well as fun and exciting lists and quizzes, has played its part in paving the way for Filmtopp’s increasing success. 

It could, however, be argued that the site’s vast knowledge and comprehensive covering of the streaming market is what has truly made it a force to be reckoned with in Sweden. Few other sites, if any, provide its visitors with as many guides and reviews of the larger streaming sites’ content, as Filmtopp does. 

On the website, global giants within streaming such as Netflix, Disney+, HBO, and Amazon Prime have their own landing pages, filled with a level of unparalleled content on the Swedish market. Being a Swedish site, Filmtopp naturally focuses on Nordic productions and provides its audience with an abundance of content specifically focused on domestic streaming services, alongside the global ones. 

In the last couple of years, Swedish originals have started to appear on recognized streaming platforms, such as Netflix. Recently we saw Love & Anarchy make its way to the service and before that the success, Quicksand. Filmtopp is of course, as you have most likely understood by now, the Swedish website that provides the best cover of the original productions. 

A Hands-on Approach to Tackling Online Piracy

Sweden has long been one of the most prominent nations when it comes to online piracy. The younger generations still use illegal sites such as Dreamfilm pro and The Pirate Bay frequently, and many of the world’s well-known piracy websites even come out of Sweden. 

As an advocate of the film industry, tackling online piracy is a priority for Filmtopp. The Swedish online publication continuously promotes legal and legit alternatives to popular piracy sites. Through informative articles, Filmtopp also educates its readers about the risks of using illegal websites and the reasons why official channels for the content are far superior. 

What truly separates Filmtopp from its competitors is that they publicly support streamed content getting a seat at the table during the larger award shows and in film festivals. 

Lastly, Filmtopp has also taken the matter into their own hands and decided to be a part of the solution themselves. The site has done so by providing the audience hungry for free content with documentaries, children’s movies, and classics, without charging them. 

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