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How Hollywood Celebrities Promote Their Upcoming Movies

By Chris Gore | April 14, 2019

There are a lot of elements that play important roles in promoting a movie; marketing a new movie is a very intricate process that everyone from the director to the actors take part in. Usually it is a well thought out plan by the marketing team, but it still needs the celebrities to contribute to it, so that people can feel enticed and would book a seat in the movie theatre. Back in the day, when the Internet wasn’t really a thing, celebrities depended on the posters, interviews, and word of mouth; but today, celebrities no longer need to depend on these tools alone.

Because we live in a day and age where technology is advanced and the Internet has opened many up many impossibilities, celebrities now have many creative ways to promote their movies. There are various ways to advertise a movie and sometimes celebrities take part in all of them; when celebrities have a new movie coming up they make sure to show up at interviews, contribute to the movie review websites, share the movie posters, speak out in their personal accounts, and share or release the movie’s teasers.


Interviews count as great exposure for celebrities, especially when they have a new movie coming up. Interviews open up the chance for celebrities to publicly advertise their movie on TV and in front of the audience. We see it happening all the time whenever a movie is released; celebrities get interviewed and in the middle the host asks them about their movie and this is when they publicly announce the premier date.

Sometimes the host asks to go as far as asking questions about the movie, to which the celebrity usually gives away a bit of the plot so that the audience is intrigued, and because mainly they are not allowed to share this kind of information with the public. Usually when there is a new movie that is about to launch, celebrities don’t waste a chance to be interviewed; they get interviewed by radio broadcasters, journalists, and TV show hosts just so they can advertise their new movie even more.

Social Media

Celebrities have strong voices and they are always heard by the people, which makes their accounts on social media the perfect means that they can self-promote or promote their movies through. Having an active account whether it was on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook is very important for a celebrity, since it is where they can get closer to their fans and establish a closer connection. This type of connection plays a major role in promoting their movies. Social media provides many platforms for movie promotions; an Instagram account or a Facebook fan page have enough potential to promote the celebrities’ movie by just one post.

There isn’t one recipe that all celebrities follow in order to promote their own movies, for instance, many celebrities buy Facebook likes for their fan page as one of the ways to promote their movies. Other celebrities twitter as their own platform for promotion; some celebrities type mysterious and ambiguous tweets about their upcoming movies in order to intrigue his audience even more. Another successful way that celebrities use to promote their movies is sharing each other’s movie ‘teasers’ posts.


Speaking of teasers, teasers are one of the most effective elements in movie promotions. They are very common and they don’t only consist on one thing, for instance, before the movie Five Feet Apart was out in the theaters, the director, Justin Baldoni dedicated a whole Instagram page to release teasers for his movie. These teasers contained short glimpses of the movie with the main characters, a shot of a frame, the sound track of the movie, etc.

Celebrities use this strategy as a way to get the audience excited and interested in their new movie and at the same time promote it for free. Sometimes celebrities would release the trailer for their movie, then tell their audience that there might be another trailer that they have to wait for. It is by this way that the celebrities get their audience intrigued because only then do the celebrities have ‘the word of mouth’ going for them by the audience, which is another level of promotion that they mostly aim for.


Naturally, every upcoming movie has a poster that is not new; however, there are many celebrities whether directors or actors contribute to the makings and the advertising of their posters. Take Marvel Easter Eggs for instance; every marvel movie is known to have Easter Eggs, but these mini clues and/or surprises for the fans are not only put into the movies, they can also be found in the posters.

There are many examples of Easter Eggs posters like The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, Captain Marvel, Black Panther, etc., and these posters are not the only ones with mini hints for the fans. There are many celebrities who use these strategies to advertise their movies. Some celebrities take their movie posters that might have a clue for the fans and ask if they can find it, or type an ambiguous tweet over it, so that the fans can get excited and at the same time they can advertise their upcoming movies.

Movie Marketing

There is a lot of effort that goes into marketing a movie, of course it is not only up to the celebrities to advertise it themselves, but there are many Hollywood celebrities who have an important role to play when it comes to advertising their movies. There are a lot of ways celebrities seek to promote their movies; for instance, some celebrities are keen to go on interviews when their movie is about to hit the movie theatres, some go to social media to entice their fans with their upcoming movies through different means, others release a tiny fragment of the movie as a teaser and share it for the fans to see, and other celebrities contribute in the makings of the posters and then share it with their fans so that they can effectively promote their new movie.

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