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For Love or Money? A Poker Documentary

By Film Threat Staff | December 20, 2021

Poker is an exciting card game that has been played by millions of gaming enthusiasts across the globe for decades. The invention of online poker has increased its accessibility significantly. Now players can enjoy high-stakes poker games on the go or from the comfort of their homes, like playing online slots on platforms like SlotXO. With its rich history, ever-increasing popularity, and plenty of characters, it should not surprise you that there are numerous high-quality documentary films available to watch about the game. 

For Love or Money? A Poker Documentary is one of the most outstanding documentaries about this game. Read on to learn more about it. 

For Love or Money? A Poker Documentary

This highly lauded documentary tells the story of two professional poker players, Stanley Lee and Chris Leong, trying their luck at winning a World Series of Poker bracelet, the most coveted prize in the world of poker. Michael Bailey scripted, filmed, and edited the documentary out of a passion for creating awareness about the game that helped shape his life.

Bailey says that he faced challenges while growing up and that his friends and family earned a living from playing poker. He wanted to know what motivated these people to beat the odds and stand the test of time.

What Michael Bailey Says About the Documentary

In a 2019 interview, Michael Bailey, the director of For Love or Money? A Poker Documentary, pointed out that the best things about Poker are the adrenaline rush, the players, and the challenges the game presents to players. 

He thinks that winning in poker gets undeserved attention and importance and that most people would look for easier ways to make money than play poker. Bailey also tries to differentiate addiction and ambition in regard to Poker. According to him, addiction is when a game chooses the player, not the other way around. 

On the other hand, ambition is when you choose to play the game. Bailey also advises that poker players should think and decide more logically than emotionally. 

Risk Involved in Cash Games vs. Tournaments

In cash games, according to Bailey, players risk as much as they can win. In tournaments, players risk less to win more, making it the most popular poker game format. Bailey understands that different people have different beliefs about poker. As a result, there are plenty of misconceptions floating around.

As a professional poker player, he strives to present the game from the player’s point of view. After watching the documentary, he hopes that people will understand what it takes to be a professional player. 

Final Thoughts

The world of poker has inspired many films over the past few years, telling stories about people, historic places, and the game’s origins. Documentary film enthusiasts who enjoy card games will most likely enjoy watching For Love or Money? A Poker Documentary. In following the journey of two professional poker players as they seek the most coveted prize in the world of poker, viewers are sure to gain a newfound understanding of, and respect for, those who make the game their life.

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