Everything Jaws Got Wrong About Sharks Image

Everything Jaws Got Wrong About Sharks

By Film Threat Staff | January 28, 2023

2. Sharks Aren’t Going to Swallow Your Body Whole If They Attack – They Bite

No, a shark isn’t going to swallow your whole body like they haven’t eaten anything all day. Most shark incidents reported have only been bites. This is because sharks don’t have an appetite for human flesh. They have an appetite for small fish, sea lions, and other marine creatures. While sharks aren’t going to swallow your body whole, there have been a couple of reports throughout the years of a shark biting someone in half. That’s the closest a shark will actually get to swallowing you whole.

3. Sharks Don’t Hold Grudges

Surely if you’ve seen “Jaws”, then you’ve at least heard of “Jaws: The Revenge”. If you haven’t, this sequel is about a shark targeting a family specifically for revenge on other sharks that have been killed. Real sharks aren’t vengeful. Like any animal, however, they will defend themselves if they feel threatened. While they aren’t going to hunt down your whole family for you swimming near them, they will attack you if you are intentionally trying to provoke them.

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