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Establish a Strong Brand Identity and Build Networks

By Film Threat Staff | April 8, 2024

Before you start promoting your film, ensure you have a clear visual and verbal identity in place. A compelling poster or key image is crucial to grab attention. Craft a synopsis or tagline that captures the heart of your movie –  this becomes your elevator pitch on social media, in emails, and conversations. Lastly, a simple website, even a single-page design, lends credibility to your project and offers a central destination to which you can direct potential viewers.

After establishing your identity, tap into the power of your existing network of friends, family, cast, and crew. Be transparent with them about your promotional needs and encourage them to spread the word. Identify online communities, critics, bloggers, and influencers who resonate with your film’s genre or themes. Even if their followings are smaller, these niche tastemakers can be valuable allies. Consider the advantages of film festivals – even if your film isn’t accepted, you might gain access to valuable press lists and connect with potential distributors or collab

Utilize Contests and Giveaways

Contests and giveaways are an excellent strategy to boost engagement and extend your film’s reach. Design your promotions to be closely connected to your film’s world. Offering props, set visits, or experiences related to your story creates a unique and compelling draw for your target audience. Collaborate with local businesses that appeal to your potential viewers – this expands your prize pool and allows you to tap into another established network. Even low-effort social media contests that encourage liking and sharing can significantly increase your visibility.

Here’s a comparison to how other industries, such as online casinos, use promotions to attract and keep customers. Online casinos offer enticing slots promotions, like free spins, match deposit bonuses or welcome offers. These bonuses allow players to step outside their usual favorites and explore new titles. By offering a reward that aligns with your film’s theme (a prop, a set visit), you create a unique experience and incentivize participation, just like a casino bonus with a specific game.

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Focus on Content Creation and Engagement

Become your own content machine to keep your film top-of-mind. Document the filmmaking process through behind-the-scenes photos and videos. This inside look generates excitement and allows your audience to connect with your passion. Invest time crafting a compelling trailer – it’s the most potent tool to tease your story without revealing too much. Use free or affordable editing tools to create short, shareable clips for social media platforms.

Your audience is your most valuable marketing asset. Build a dedicated email list by incentivizing sign-ups with exclusive content like behind-the-scenes videos or early access to trailers. Foster fan participation through creative challenges like fan art contests, or hold virtual screenings followed by Q&A sessions. Make it easy for fans to become ambassadors for your film by providing them with pre-written social media posts and captivating visuals.

Independent filmmaking is a remarkable achievement in and of itself. By embracing a DIY marketing approach fueled by resourcefulness and creativity, you can ensure your film gets the recognition and audience it deserves.

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