Creating Lo-Fi Sci-Fi with Director Timo Vuorensola of Iron Sky: The Coming Race Image

The picture showcased spacecraft and a Hollow Earth. “I’ve been a big fan of those when I was a really small kid. I went to the local library and read all the Jules Verne books, all those early nineteen hundred adventure science fiction crossover fantasy books which were available. That’s the idea of going into the Hollow Earth, underground, or under the ocean which is the typical theme in that era, definitely stuck with me. Then, of course, having been a comic book and film geek all my life. All of these things formed together for a story. When we started to come up with the story of Iron Sky, it was clear we wanted to do the first film but wanted the story for the sequel which I knew before we made the first one that we’d want to go to into Hollow Earth. It didn’t start with the space travel or space ships. It started going underground into the Hollow Earth, going to the lost worlds under the sea. It was quite natural going into that world and start exploring,” the writer elaborated.

I allowed myself one fantastic element…”

Besides spaceships and an alternative hidden land, it also incorporated outstanding visual effects that created realistic dinosaurs. “They were created by the company Pixel who actually did all the visual effects for Game of Thrones and many other shows. I knew that they are able to do creature animation, but that was definitely new for me. The only previous experience was with spaceships, battles, and explosions. With the creatures, we hadn’t worked with that animation technology at all. They are experienced, so they know how to make convincing creatures. It took a while because every shot wasn’t easy to do,” highlighted Vuorensola.

The sequel director concluded, “The idea of what I wanted to do with the main characters is that after the first Iron Sky, which was centered around the character who was a proper German Nazi school teacher; I wanted to create this hero of the film as a complete opposite of that. The claim of the movie is that we always rebel against our parents. Once our predecessor state may become wary of their mission, it is the young ones or the next generations’ duty to take the torch and carry it on.” 

The long-awaited Iron Sky sequel from Writer/Director Timo Vuorensola transports the audience back into this imaginative, sci-fi world with fun additions of a Hitler, dinosaurs, and a Hollow Earth. Iron Sky: The Coming Race is available On Demand/Digital HD.

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