Creating Lo-Fi Sci-Fi with Director Timo Vuorensola of Iron Sky: The Coming Race Image

In the sequel to the Iron Sky release in 2012, Writer/Director Timo Vuorensola continues the sci-fi action experience with spacecraft and dinosaurs as Iron Sky: The Coming Race transports us to the realm of Hollow Earth. The second of the series follows the leader’s daughter Obi (Lara Rossi) as she travels to Hollow Earth with her comrades to retrieve a power buried under the earth to save mankind. All the while, combating an old enemy and confronted against an ancient shapeshifting reptilian race. The film stars Lara Rossi, Vladimir Burlakov, Kit Dale, Udo Kier, and Tom Green.

Seven years had passed since the first Iron Sky release. Vuorensola explained, “We laid down the first outline of the story in 2013. It was very rocky at that point, it took a while to get the script together, and then we shot the film in 2015. After that, it was post-production. It’s been about seven years altogether. They tend to take a bit longer time because it’s not very typical for movies to be financed in Europe for a science fiction thing.”

“…determining what is possible in this world and what is not.”

In any science fiction piece, the rules for that world must be defined. The director depicted, “It’s a process by defining the general view of the vision of the whole thing by determining what is possible in this world and what is not. How far the fantasy goes and how much we stick with the science fiction. I allowed myself one fantastic element, which is a never-ending power source, but a very far-fetched science fiction element where I believe is harvested from the sun and is located somewhere far in the galaxy. I have that as the fantasy element and rest of that is more or less based on the role of science fiction claims or conspiracy theories. All of those parts were just taking further from that idea, developing it with this limitation in this sandbox.”

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