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9 Pee-Your-Pants-Funny Overlooked Comedy Movies

By Jason Boog | December 30, 2019


Recommended by Bobby Kenneth LePire, who described it as a romantic spy comedy. He adds:

“It has a deliriously odd, almost cartoony vibe bolstered by a great cast and ridiculously funny one liners.”

Death at a Funeral (UK)

This hilarious British gem was also adapted into an American version and the debate about which was funnier has raged on ever since. Reader Ben Gummery recommends the UK version, and explained why:

“The moving body scene is a classic comedy moment and reminded me of Clerks: The Lost Scene.” 


A recommendation from Thomas Viele, who admires the way director Blake Edwards skewered the Hollywood industry. He even briefly compare the classic film to Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

“I don’t think Tarantino skewered (satirized) Hollywood culture of 1969. I watched OUATIH and saw style with a wealth of details, not social commentary. I liked Tarantino’s use of TV shows and movies to juxtapose the fantasies that Hollywood intoxicated the world with to everyday lives. Tarantino shows the vagarities of how people create their self images and subsequently act in the real world. In contrast, Ben Stiller’s Tropic Thunder is a straitfoward lampoon. “Never go full retard.” I now want to watch Blake Edward’s The Party with Peter Sellers (1968), which was successful and Darling Lili (1970) with Julie Andrews and Rock Hudson which bombed.” 

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