5 Ways to Fix Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Image

2. Light Side and Dark Side Parades

While it’s fine to see Kylo Ren wandering through Galaxy’s Edge with a few First Order Troopers intimidating passersby, it seems weak in comparison to what they could be doing. Parades break out on Main Street at Disneyland daily and nightly, so why not a Star Wars Parade? Imagine an entire legion of Stormtroopers led by Darth Vader flanked by the Emperor’s Red Guard, now that would be much more intimidating! Galaxy’s Edge could put on several different parades seasonally and advertise them with as much fanfare as the Main Street Electrical Parade. Jabba the Hutt on a daes with a parade of bounty hunters and smugglers led by Boba Fett followed by Han Solo frozen in carbonite and then flanked by a group of Twi’lek dancers. Or consider an army of Jedi performing at night — Darth Maul or Darth Vader could even bust into this Jedi Parade unexpectedly resulting in a raucous saber fight. A light side and a dark side parade at Galaxy’s Edge is highly promotable and would be another reason to return. 

3. Send in the Aliens, Droids, Smugglers, Princesses and Jedi (Also Encourage Cosplay)

Disney seemed to promise that the world of Galaxy’s Edge would be filled with familiar Star Wars characters, so where are they? One of the most popular things to do at any Disney park is a character meet and greet with a photo op. Where is the Princess Leia or Queen Amidala or Rey photo op? I know a gray-haired Chewbacca can be found wandering around, but is he doing any real photo ops or is he lost? Star Wars character photo ops seem like a no brainer and there should be more of them on a regular schedule. 

Additionally, include random droids, aliens, Jedi, smugglers, bounty hunters and more just walking around. Now I know Disneyland has a rule that specifically disallows cosplay in the park, but they might consider making an exception for Galaxy’s Edge. Because frankly, I’ve seen better costumes at Star Wars Celebration or comic conventions. Clearly there should be a way to identify someone who is a park employee from someone who is a visitor, and park attendees cosplaying would add to the atmosphere. Otherwise Galaxy’s Edge is just a planet where people are always on their phones. Disconnecting for a moment and actually living in a part of the Star Wars universe is something we’ve all dreamt of, so allow fans to participate in a way that adds to the fantasy. 

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