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10 Movie Characters You Wish You Saw Dealing Cards in a Casino

By Film Threat Staff | June 8, 2019

Casinos are a favorite haunt for Hollywood moviemakers. Many a movie has been made in the backdrop of The Strip in Vegas. But today we will not be talking about movie characters that belonged in a gambling den. Instead, we will be looking at iconic characters that would (probably) have been amazing as croupiers in a casino.

Being a croupier, or dealer as they are also called, is no easy task. You need nimble hands and fingers, sharp eyes, and excellent number crunching skills. On top of all that, you also need to be a people person, adept at handling all kinds of characters with finesse. Whew!

With that in mind, here are 10 movie characters (in no particular order) that would have made amazing croupiers in another fictional universe:

1. Gandalf the Grey

If not for his charming and gentle persona, playing across from the wise wizard from the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit series would have been an intimidating experience. But Gandalf is nothing if not a people person and a very shrewd judge of character. He is also incredibly wise, and has a commanding voice as well. Few card sharks would dare cross his path!

2. Morpheus

If he did not guide Neo on his path to becoming “The One” in The Matrix Series, Morpheus would have made one hell of a good croupier. You can almost picture him in a plush casino, dressed in his slick vests, dealing cards majestically.

3. The Stranger

Unless you are a huge fan of The Big Lebowski, you would probably not know off-hand who The Stranger is. Played to maximum cowboy glory by the inimitable Sam Elliot, the Stranger oozes charisma and laid back charm. If this wise man was your croupier, you would probably never want to leave the table!

4. Sam Spade

You could probably replace this with Philip Marlowe or Rick Blaine and get the same results. In fact, any Humphrey Bogart character would make a great croupier. Sharp, charming, yet capable of considerable forcefulness, his roles were all iconic to the extreme.

5. John Keating

If nothing else, this croupier would at least inspire you to “seize the day!” Robin Williams, with his effervescent personality might be a bit too wild to be a casino croupier. But all the same, having him dealing the cards while making amazing impressions would be just something out of this world (just like Mork!).

6. The Unnamed Stunt Driver

Ryan Gosling’s character in Drive may have not had a name, but that didn’t stop him from leaving an indelible impression in the minds of all who watched that movie. Charming, silent, and sharp as a tack, he would have made the ultimate croupier.

7. Roger “Verbal” Kint

Is Keyser Soze real, or just a figment of verbal’s imagination? While that question still stays fresh in the minds of viewers after more than two decades, there is no doubt that Kevin Spacey’s character from The Usual Suspects would have made an excellent croupier, albeit a rather too talkative one at that.

8. Mark Watney

In The Martian, Matt Damon’s resourceful astronaut survives for months on an alien planet on his own. The intelligence and sharp wit he displayed under incredible stress is remarkable. Coming from that, becoming a croupier in a casino would be a real walk in the park!

9. Ulysses Everett McGill

George Clooney’s character is a real fast talker in O Brother Where Art Thou. With his sense of humor, positive never say die attitude and resourcefulness, he would make a great croupier in any casino on earth. Having the ability to charm the pants off anyone he meets is of course, an added plus.

10. Ian Malcolm

The math wizard and chaos theory specialist from the Jurassic Park movies is another great choice for an intriguing croupier. He is personable, magnetic, and a whiz with numbers. Plus, he also seems to be good at dealing with dinos. Sharks ina gambling den won’t faze him!

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