By Kyle Minor | April 19, 2004

The majestic trailer voice intones:^
“In a world where movies cost two hundred million, you only get one flop.”
Two filmmakers (Heltai and Farias) have mortgaged their careers on a movie that sucks. So they do what any Hollywood studio would do. They string the best of the footage into a kick a*s trailer designed to “screw people out of eight bucks ($10.50 in New York).”
And this trailer has it all. Explosions. A steamy sex scene. Martial arts fighting. A sports car. Fast cuts. A Motown number.
The underlying technical proficiency of the film makes the joke funnier. The slick 35mm camera work looks great. The editing is well-paced. The song and dance number is well choreographed. The actors are good, especially Emily English, who plays the sexpot starlet.
You get the sense that Douglas Horn might have made this film to make a joke of his own insecurities as a filmmaker, and the idea is so good that it is a can’t-miss proposition. But you also get the sense that Horn is so clever that his movie might actually be as good as its trailer. I anxiously await the full-length feature.

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