By Greg Bellavia | February 21, 2005

An odd duck of a short which begins as a sad exploration of a failing marriage and develops into a wonderfully warm, comical ending “Krush” is offbeat but effective. Susie Smith (Jennifer Fontaine) is approached out of the blue by a documentary film crew who tell her they are profiling domestic housewives. In the need for someone to talk to, Susie invites them in and allows them to document her unhappiness at being trapped in a marraige where she has fallen out of love. Never seeing her husband because he is either working or disappearing on fishing trips, Susie misses the passion within their relationship. The film crew sticks around long enough to document an awkward dinner between Susie, her husband Jason (Topher Straus) and some in-laws and then departs. Where the film goes from there, involving where Jason really goes during the fishing trips being revealed, is truly a surprise that is both original and hilarious all at once. While the opening has its funny moments the somberness of the film’s first half is a terrific set up for the twist mid-way through. “Krush” plays so well because the audience never quite knows what to expect, allowing the characters to evolve in engaging ways. “Krush” is both funny and surprisingly thoughtful, a curious short film but definitely rewarding.

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