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10 Bloopers in Casino Royale

By Film Threat Staff | June 30, 2021

Casino Royale with Daniel Craig and Eva Green is one of the most loved movies from all the latest Bondiana. It was shot in numerous sets, and is visually pleasing to watch. Moreover, the Casino Royale movie is unbelievably dynamic and keeps the viewers in tension and suspense almost constantly. One of the best things about this movie is that there are no steady scenes or tracking shots, as every scene or dialogue moves the action forward. 

However, the Casino Royale movie also has a set of bloopers and illogical moves that sometimes completely undermine the viewer’s understanding of the plot. If the bloopers discussed below were explained properly in the movie, Casino Royale would have probably spared 50% of the critique it got. 

Killing The Dude Needed Alive 

The very first stupid thing we see in the Casino Royale movie is that Bond follows a terrorist he needs to take alive, as he himself tells to his partner. This terrorist has data about the bigger group of terrorists and so he is important, and must not be killed. 

However, Bond manages to drive this dude onto the construction site where they run and jump and fight and literally any wrong move can end up in a lethal outcome. And eventually Bond still gets the terrorist and instead of taking him safe and sound for the interrogation, he just shots him. 

Going Unpunished for Breaking into M’s Apartment 

The second moment that makes the Casino Royale movie rules unbelievable and as a result, unrelatable, is the fact that Bond does not get punished after he: 1) kills the guy they wanted alive; 2) breaks into M’s apartment, and 3) makes M aware that he knows her real name. 

According to the movie, Bond is not even an agent of high standing; he is an average agent that still has things to learn, and he constantly does something wrong. But M does not punish him anyways, and lets him do what he pleases. This makes the viewer critical and the movie stops being “serious”. 

Casino Playing  

Another blooper that undermines the trust of the viewer to the movie is the dealer calling a set “trip aces”, and to be honest, all the casino gambling in this movie is very straightforward and unintriguing. Obviously the movie was made not for poker experts, but objectively the games are very primitive, the hands are always rare and winning, and the decisions taken by the players are very simple. Even online gamblers playing the best payout online casino sites could have played live poker in a more exciting way. 

Given 10 Million Dollars to Play a Poker Game 

Then we see Bond joining Vesper Lynd in a train to get 10 million dollars for a game of poker. Firstly, why would a government even really grant such insane money to a person who fails to be a good agent, who does things wrong, and is unpredictable? Secondly, whatever are the players’ skills in poker, a lot still depends on luck. Even players skillful in bluff and cheating still depend on luck; so, giving 10 million dollars for a poker game is stupid. And eventually, as we find out by the end of the movie, Vesper Lynd was also compromised and was not the right person to trust with huge money! 

Six Letters Security Code 

When Bond arrives at the poker room, he is invited to invent a password for the account with money, and besides the fact that the level of security is at bargain-basement levels, the password only contains six letters – no digits, no additional symbols, no CAPS, finally. And of course Bond chooses Vesper’s name as the most unobvious and sophisticated option for a password. 

Super Obvious Tells by Le Chiffre 

When at the poker table, the main bad guy Le Chiffre played by Mads Mikkelsen shows the most obvious tells in the world when he supposedly bluffs. While his tells were not real, as we eventually find out, the movie’s very approach to the famous “poker face” skill is very low-quality. 

Bond Guesses Vesper Will Be Kidnapped 

After the poker game is over and Bond is in a restaurant with Vesper, she suddenly decides to go away because she gets a message from Mathis. Why the issue cannot be solved the next morning, and why Bond does not accompany her (because this is late night already) is not clear. But things become even more unclear when suddenly Bond decides to follow Vesper because he believes she is in trouble, despite the fact he let her go with no questions asked just a minute ago! 

Le Chiffre is not Arrested After the Game  

Despite the fact that Felix from CIA gives Bond money to beat Le Chiffre in the game, and promises to arrest Le Chiffre if Bond wins, we see nothing like that. Bond wins, but Felix simply disappears after the game ends, and Le Chiffre continues his plotting. We are never explained why this happened. 

Le Chiffre and Bond Found in the Basement 

The ninth super stupid blooper is that when Le Chiffre decides to torture and kill Bond in the basement, a deus-ex-machina type of guy breaks into this very basement and kills Le Chiffre. How did he manage to find them in that basement, exactly in that time? How did he manage to walk past other people of Le Chiffre? Nothing is clear here. 

The Bank Cannot Block the Wrong Transfer 

And eventually, one of the last moments of stupidity in the Casino Royale movie takes place when Bond finds out the money is not available, and contacts the banker who regulated the financial part of the poker tournament. The banker tells Bond that the money is actually being transferred as they talk, and the bank does not stop the transaction, does not block the account and does not request refund, for a reason. Banks in the Bond universe are helpless. 

It is only fair to say that the Casino Royale movie is already long enough in the theatrical version, and many things were cut out from the original director’s cut. But if they have fixed the bloopers discussed above, the movie would have been so much better. 

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